Sober Accounting

The near-miss election of 2018 provides our movement with a time for reflection. While right-wingers performed a valiant holding action, we were unable to keep the House of Representatives and many races which should’ve been won were lost. At the same time, many races which we should’ve won in a landslide, we took only by the thinnest of margins. This is certainly not a time for despair, but it is a time for a sober accounting.

Much can be said about Trump and the Republicans’ failures in the last two years. While I personally reject the absurd accelerationism advocated by fats losers like Matthew Heimbach, those on the Right who draw attention to the utter failure of the Republicans to advance important legislation during the last two years certainly have a point. The problem stemmed largely from the remaining establishment McCain/Ryan-style cucks who retained a good deal of power in Congress during the last term. Trump is not off-the-hook here, he no doubt could’ve done more to whip these feckless cowards into action, but he is not the source of the rot. Fortunately, many of the seats lost in the recent election, and many of the retiring Congressmen, were cucks. The party is becoming more of Trump’s party, but it is still a long way from becoming /our party/. And, if we are ever going to have a party which truly represents /our/ interests, then we have a lot of work to do ourselves.

Yes, Trump made mistakes in the last two years. Yes, he did not accomplish enough. But the same can be said of us. We have let ourselves down. We have made strategic blunders (e.g. Charlottesville) and failed to exorcise our worst elements. We have not lived up to the standards of the men we claim to admire. If we are going to stamp the faces of men like Lee and Jackson on our memes, videos, websites, and t-shirts, then we need to live up to their image.

The men we admire were hard men, often physically tough and strong in a way that comes with a hardscrabble upbringing that’s almost unimaginable today. They endured physical and psychological hardships, cold, hunger and heat. Many of our men are still fat and flabby. How many of us can’t even bench press their own body weight? Fitness is important because it has a psychological effect on both ourselves and others. Physically strong men are mentally strong; and fit, attractive people are more appealing to others. Normies are more likely to listen to you and want to follow you if you look good. There is no excuse for physical weakness in those who ostensibly know what’s at stake here. Those among us with bellies and beer guts should be shamed mercilessly and ceaselessly.

Our heroes were not only physically hard, they were diligent workers. Yet, among our ranks we still find so-called “NEETS” who choose to live in basements and masturbate to cartoons. These pathetic wretches should no longer be pitied. Their weakness and sloth must be confronted. Grown men watching cartoons about Japanese school girls is embarrassing and those who engage in this should be embarrassed. All of this weeb/gamer escapism is ultimately a waste of our guys’ time, energy and money which should be put to better ends. There’s no room for man-children in the underground and free-time should be dedicated to useful, physical or creative hobbies (e.g. hunting or wood-working).

In the last two years some of our “leaders” have been accused of various sexual shenanigans which, regardless of their individual veracity, point to the reality that a lot of /our guys/ lack the basic discipline to, as one brother put it, “keep their dicks in their pants.” Married men who skip around on their wife are not living up to the standards we profess. Men who touch their brothers’ women are traitors. Both groups are liabilities and should be brought in-line or shunned.

Finally, none of the men we admire were hobbyists. Weekend-warriors don’t make history. Those who have left us their legacy left it through dedication. This movement cannot be another social grouping like “gamers” or “punks.” We must become a true underground force, organized, dedicated and disciplined. If we fail the consequences will go a lot further than lesbian protagonists in video games. This is a life or death struggle, and it’s time we start acting like it.