The Squirrels of Summer: Moral Consequences vs Libertarianism

I used to be a “militant” libertarian, but there was one thing that changed me: extensive global travel. Libertarians, like socialists, ignore human nature and genetic realities in a quest – predicated on economic arguments – for that which “should” happen versus that which “is.” As such, all libertarians are trapped in the Marxist dialectic – one predicated on economics. They just do not see it, because they oppose Marxism on economic grounds. In fact, the strength of Marxism is reducing all arguments to one in which economics is at the center of the debate. Once you begin playing on their turf, Marxists win.

In order to defeat Marxism, you must stop viewing and arguing positions based solely upon economics. You can still argue the fruits of economic Marxism, but you should do so through the framework of human reality. Once you embrace the concept of moral consequences, you can then view the actions of the government through the lens of genetic constructs.

It is neither an accident nor through socialization that leads Africans – whether here or in Africa – to vote overwhelmingly for Marxist economic programs. They are genetically designed to disregard the moral consequences inherent in perpetual welfare states because they “live for today.” Changing the climate from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Americas could not overcome tens of thousands of years of subsistence farming, hunting, and gathering by which these primitive peoples ate what they got, when they got it, because it might not be there tomorrow. That also explains why Blacks embrace ostentatious displays of “wealth.” The money for that gold necklace or ‘wheels’ may not be there tomorrow.


Correspondingly, moral consequences play a far greater role in the European. The actions of today build upon an outcome for tomorrow. That was necessary in the genetically altering landscape of the unforgiving Northern Hemisphere. Thus, the German who pickles food in preparation for the winter, or the Anglo-Saxon who builds a small, modest home to more easily heat during colder months. The lack of the ostentatious in favor of the pragmatic is a genetically ingrained trait. Sure, you – the European-American – may have a Mercedes, but you probably do not go to the bank to withdraw thousands of dollars of cash simply to show others you have it. You are genetically designed to prepare.

This genetic appreciation for moral consequences transcends all facets of Euro-centric society. Thus, after decades of fighting their genetic proclivities and embracing Cultural Marxism, Europeans now have a monumental migrant crisis that has led to extraordinary levels of crime. This explains the rise in “Law and Order” Nationalist parties throughout Europe. They are coming to their genetic senses. This also explains Donald Trump.

Libertarians would argue that they embody the economic argument for moral consequences.  They would say that they are the real bulwark against government programs that have a debilitating impact on self sufficiency.  But Libertarians fail again by arguing through the Marxist prism of economics.  Moral consequences are holistic and cannot be viewed through anything other than their impact on the societal whole.  Take for example, systems of good governance.

Libertarians argue for open borders.  That argument fails to appreciate the corrosive effects of a people who are not genetically predisposed toward self sufficiency.  The United States was not built in a vacuum.  We are NOT “lucky” to be born in the United States; they are not unlucky to be born in South or Central America.  All of the countries on the American continents started at the same time with greater resources in the South.

The US did not succeed because of luck.  It worked hard to achieve a level of unrivaled supremacy.  Early American leaders made good decisions and those decisions were implemented by a White people who sacrificed to implement those decisions.  Latin American leaders made poor decisions.  They harmed their people.  Their people, in turn, did not do what was necessary to change the course of their respective countries.  That is something Libertarians fail to appreciate.

Latin America failed for the same reason that the United States succeeded: they had Bolivar; we had Washington.  Why? Genetics.

Europeans, to include White Americans, are natural squirrels. They save for tomorrow.  They plan for tomorrow.  They buy things that have a utility – even if our wealthier kin purchase pretty items.  Even McMansions have a purpose (real estate investments for future wealth).  These are traits not generally found in the African community worldwide (with very few exceptions).

That is something Libertarians cannot see while they remain blinded by unnatural Marxist theories on what “should be.”  Focus on what “is.”