The Lesser of Two Evils

About ten years ago, I underwent a radical change in my political leanings. The political winds had finally shifted enough to enable a viable election bid for the traditionally libertarian Ron Paul. I always considered myself a “conservative,” and with the exception of Ross Perot, voted Republican in presidential and congressional elections. But I also recognized the value in having a third party or “outsider” candidate to challenge the status quo. The Republican Party had become stale and ineffective at stopping the ever increasing anti-white, anti-straight, anti-male, and anti-Christian rhetoric from the Democratic Party.

With Ron Paul, even though he was running as a Republican in order to avoid a repeat of the failed history of 3rd party or independent candidacies, we had an opportunity to effect real change in American politics. The natural bent of MOST libertarians has historically been right leaning. It was a natural fit for a white man who truly values his freedoms at a time when those freedoms were increasingly under attack.

Needless to say, Ron Paul did not win that election. John McCain won the primary and opened the door for The Magic Negro to dump 8 years of cultural Marxism on white Americans and shame many of us into self flagellation for two terms. But I knew that Paul’s bid was a sign of a changing outlook in the conservative white youth of this country and over time I began to realize it was a consequence of multiculturalism, globalism and so-called diversity. I knew that the Republican Party as it stood was doomed to fail without a serious jolt. But I also knew that the Democratic Party was no longer a place for white men or white women who cared about family, hearth and home.

We all know what has happened since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015 and won the White House in 2016. We all have witnessed the doubling down of the Democrats as their party has committed to the Marxism and Third Worldism.

November 6th is quickly approaching. Many of you have early voted. Most will go to the polls on Super Tuesday. Some are hesitant to vote at all because you feel that the midterms represent a choice between “the lesser of two evils.” Some of you aren’t happy with Trump’s seemingly philosemitic policies where Israel is concerned. Some are angry that not enough progress has been made on curbing immigration. Some are mad that he hasn’t yet installed a military dictatorship and declared martial law. No matter to what degree you are dissatisfied, I believe you need to take a step back and look at these two parties and accept the fact that elections are ALWAYS a choice between the lesser of two evils and always will be, but the ONLY way to make sure that the lesser evil is the party that you can most effectively influence or possibly even ultimately control is by PARTICIPATING IN THE PROCESS and voting AGAINST the party that is obviously your enemy. At this point in history, how can anyone not see that the Democrats have embraced a non-European Third Worldism as the future they want?

Liberals and Marxists have played the long game and wrestled power away from white men in the Democratic Party. They have spent decades convincing the most gullible of women that gay and brown men are their friends while their brothers, fathers and sons are their enemies. It is wicked and twisted what has become of that party. Yes, voting against this is purely justified, even if you have to temporarily stomach some policies that you disagree with. Ultimately, the goal is to seize power in the political party that is most accepting of your status as a white man, a straight man, a family man, or possibly a Christian. Clearly the GOP is not perfect and Donald Trump is not perfect, but no viable political party in recent history has been this close to accepting any flavor of nationalism. Not in America. Why would anyone abandon this ship when the sails are so close to catching their wind?

The Democratic Party is realigning itself to further marginalize normal white people. The 2020 election may very well be a white man running against Trump as a last Hail Mary before the brown hordes finalize the takeover of that party. But make no mistake, that takeover is inevitable. Therefore, the importance of these midterms cannot be overstated. If nationalism is to have any chance at staying power, Trump needs a referendum. He needs some more vocal nationalists holding office. He needs Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, because future judicial appointments and the uprooting of Obama’s deep state operatives depends on it.

To sit out this election is to remove yourself completely from the political process. And in my opinion, people who do not participate in the process have no right to complain when the results do not favor them.

Vote like your life depends on it.

-By Dixie Anon

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