Boat Shoe Nationalism

Boat Shoe Nationalism is really just re-branded normie nationalism, but add a pinch of the casual racism of the 1980’s and a slick set of Sperrys. A nice polo is optional, but we’re more likely to don a button-down seersucker with the sleeves rolled up. It’s the kinda look and credo that really chaps the asses at the SPLC. It’s also not denigrating Justins and Ariats, I own several pair. In addition, it’s not aping the fellas at Identity Europa (or however they spell it, might be a Roman v in there). It’s a Southern vibe of normalcy and woke on the racial demographics of the FBI crime statistics. But, the most critical element of Boat Shoe Nationalism is this – it keeps the sperg nerd contingent of the Dissident Right far away from the warm shores of Identity Dixie.

It helps keep weirdos and malcontents away from our humble blog. No Adamwaffle nutcase wants to read our content regarding fatherhood, the corrupting influence of Modernity™ or critiquing Marxism when shouting “Read Siege!” is a much more successful way to influence normies and warn them of our pending demographic collapse. They think we’re squares and not edgy enough. That’s fine, we think they’re geeks and marking time for a RICO indictment.

For instance, the first time a squirrelly guy on the web asked me about James Mason, I replied, “He’s one of my favorite actors. Highly recommend 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or The Desert Fox. Really good stuff.” The mentally ill folks on the fringes don’t really get that sort of response. It was an honest reply. They’d rather marinate in death and destruction and fantasize about some apocalyptic race war scenario. Ain’t nobody got time for that, plus it’s really unhealthy.

Same for “tactical bowlcut” posting. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s regarding Dylann Roof and the phrase comes from that shitty haircut of his. Fringe elements of the Dissident Right still idiotically sing his praises. No man in his right mind considers what Roof did to be worthwhile. Murdering a bunch of colored people in their house of worship accomplished the following: (1) sending some innocent folks to an early grave and (2) providing a perfect casus belli for our political adversaries to begin another phase of Reconstruction. To be fair, those Roof fans are either completely unhinged (and a small minority) or agent provocateurs, but we don’t take any chances.

In addition, followers of Boat Shoe Nationalism do not, under any circumstances, disparage trve Christianity. Someone saying, “kike on a stick” (in reference to Christ) has no business in our little corner of the Dissident Right. It’s such a vile and trashy phrase. My skin crawls whenever some sperg uses it. Feel free to troll the cat lady ministers in their rainbow colored vestments and the faux Christianity of the damn Unitarians or something, but we don’t blaspheme the Almighty and we don’t tolerate it.

And another thing, Boat Shoe Nationalism is antithetical National Bolshevism (sorry, Nazbol Gang). Hell, I thought it was just a meme for about a year until I found some true believers out in the field. It’s so ludicrous, how could anyone think it was real? A bizarre mixture of sauerkraut Strasserism and highfalutin commie mumbo-jumbo. We read Pat Buchanan and the Southern Agrarians around here. The closest I can get to any of that socialism stuff is Huey Long and even he gives me the willies.

Finally, content creation. It’s amazing to see folks “down for the cause,” but can’t string together three paragraphs for an article on the website. The article will reach ten times the amount of people than a series of shitposts across social media. To wake the normie, to gain influence and to gather the remnant requires content creation. If it was easy, anybody could do it. The constant shitposting on the internet is, generally speaking, a colossal waste of time. Especially so, if you aren’t doing anything else.

ID readership is for fathers, husbands, wives, etc. Normal men and women that happen to be thoughtcriminals and don’t buy today’s progressive bullshit. It’s fellowship. Camaraderie. Männerbund. Media. Entertainment. The kind of culture that prefers Red Dawn to The Turner Diaries, seersucker to skull masks and a strong Bloody Mary to red laces.

We don’t worship criminals and the mentally ill. That’s not our bag.

If you can’t handle Boat Shoe Nationalism, maybe you should drop anchor somewhere else.


  1. The Dissident Right has had an absolutely huge image problem. Although 98% are decent and family-oriented an extremely biased and fake media has always focused on the up to 2% that may indeed be well, “weirdos and malcontents”. Of course, only the most biased of strategic sociologists could actually get away with labeling the idea of representation of your interests as “hate” while at the same time calling it “civil rights” for others. So to help fight the bias we face I’m all for “boat shoe” nationalism even though I’m a work boots during the week and dress shoes to church every Sunday type of man! It’s about family, tradition, honour, decency, God……..and love.

  2. Hello, Silas. All through the article I kept thinking of you, Sir, the true Southern Gentleman, and then, to my delight, I saw that you had penned the article. Hope you’re doing well. I finally cut those annoying leather laces on my Sperry’s and tied them in a double knot. Hope that’s acceptable. I’m in.

  3. I literally wear button-down seersucker with boat-shoes, and yet; I find something, well, er…off? about the author of this article? I don’t know. It’s hard to pin-down. He strikes me as the sort whose heart is in the right place but, maybe, wouldn’t accept a duel if challenged? Yes! That’s it! He’s the sort who would publicly silence a friend without giving said friend the dignity of a fight afterwards.

    Of course, I know that’s not a “normie” thing, even for conservatives in the 80’s; but, question…oughtn’t it to be?

    Oughtn’t it to be, Reynolds?