The expression of the popular will. The “demos” in Greek, “the things public” when you look at the meaning of Res Publica in Latin; all of these ideas are the bedrock to Western man. In less then a week, we shall all go to the polls to cast our ballots for the fate of the revolution we began in 2016.

We owe it to ourselves and our posterity to further our goals in the preservation of our people. Clauswitz famously stated that “war is politics by other means;” it is our duty to continue this struggle to shift the Overton Window relentlessly towards the Right. Our enemies are howling for blood, they want every shred of our history erased and they want us relegated to the dustbin of history.

They openly applaud our replacement. The time has come for you to exercise your right.

Imagine you don’t vote. You don’t wake up that cool morning and cast your ballot for a Republican. He or she loses to a progressive Democrat. You did nothing. You passively allowed your political adversary to defeat you. The purple haired atheist catlady or unemployed Tyrone had more agency, desire and drive to beat you in the realm of realpolitik. In turn, their proxy, the progressive Democrat, will destroy what you hold dear. Because you didn’t vote.

Let’s say the Blue Wave does hit and you didn’t vote. The Democrats gain control of the House and Senate (however unlikely based off the recent polls). Guess what’s going to happen? The Mueller witch hunt investigation will get decidedly more aggressive and catastrophic for the Trump administration. The Democrats are vowing to impeach him, regardless of the merits (there aren’t any). Trump will be completely unable to stop the Third World Invasion of the United States. All hopes and dreams of blunting our demographic displacement through Trump will cease.

Accelerationism is not a realistic option at this point. Not if you’re a family man or husband. Not voting isn’t sticking it to “muh ZOG.” Trump must remain in power not just for you, but, more importantly, for your people.

The Coalition of the Ascendant, that macabre host of scalawags, savages and deviants, must not gain political power over you. At the very least, vote against your own displacement. Don’t fall into apathy or follow some misguided ideals. Now is not the time to shrug your shoulders and hope it all works out. The Left isn’t doing that, why should you?


-By William Poole