Keeping the Faith

Have you ever had something important to say but didn’t know where to begin? Well I guess that’s as succinct of a way to intro a blog article as any. I simply do not know where to begin with addressing Matt Heimbach’s latest attempt at relevancy since his reemergence in the NSM. With the November 6th election and a potential red wave of populist votes at stake, why would anyone lend him a shred of credibility, especially after the infamous Cuck-Box incident?

Heimbach has decided to make the perfect the enemy of the good, and vote Democrat in the midterm elections. What’s worse, he’s signaled his intentions publicly through a Facebook post. Evidently, he now goes by the pseudonym “Matthew Warren.” Why am I not surprised that he would counter-signal the Trump administration, the overall Dissident Right and the GOP, which has marginally and incrementally been giving some ground to nationalist ideas? Is it because some people are “Rebels without a Clue” who need to be in a perpetual state of contrarianism to feel relevant?

Look, three years ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS in front of Trump Tower, the “God Emperor” memes started rolling hot off the presses instantly. A ground swell of pro-authoritarian support that borders on fascism emerged from the ether. But memes come with unreasonable expectations sometimes. At some point, a heavy duty dose of reality needs to set in. The Weimerican empire is deeply entrenched and ZOG was never going to go down without a fight. Every institution of our government is corrupted from the bottom to the top with Cultural Marxism. Jewish power brokers have been working for decades to shore it up and make it almost impervious to attack.

I’m seeing some of our people making the claim that it’s the “same old same old” – these are Dixians, as well as, people in the greater nationalist movement. This is a case of not seeing the forest because of the trees. Just a week ago, after the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the Washington Post penned an article titled, “Trump’s America is not a safe place for Jews.” Such a headline wouldn’t have even been thinkable under Obama. And, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, I imagine an article titled, “Hillary’s America is not a safe place for X” (insert white men, nationalists, conservatives, Southerners, or whatever you might dream of for X), could have easily been the title of a right wing publication.

Some good points are made when criticizing the current state of affairs for nationalists. Online speech has been squashed and trampled since Trump was elected. But, my argument is that this is a GOOD SIGN. Do we just want to remain a motley crew of perpetual whiners and complainers who are so irrelevant that nobody even notices us? Or do we want to be enough of a legitimate threat to the ZOG immune system that it sends antibodies to fight the infection in an attempt to remove us?

More Confederate statues will be removed from their pedestals as our rhetoric pushes the average voter a little further right. Why didn’t more of them come down under Obama? Because nobody felt legitimately threatened by old statues of dead people when they believed that “racism was dead” in America. There was no sense of urgency. That very sense of urgency that Trump has created, with our help, is why things have escalated. Do not take the escalation as a sign of defeat! After all, what is more important. Statues or liberty itself? I mourn the loss of every monument to our history, but it is the price I’m willing to pay to secure an existence for our children and prevent the coming hordes of immigrants.

I think sometimes that the push to the Right that we are seeing is coming at us so quick that it’s left many of us confused. Italy, Brazil, Eastern Europe, all pushing hard Right. Merkel stepping down. McCain dead. Nikki Haley gone. Kavanaugh appointed. Graham finding his nutsack for the first time in his life. Why would we abandon ship right now when things have never looked so good for nationalist and populist politics?

A vote for Democrats is a vote for your choice of color when you’re being fitted for your uniform in the gulags. Because that’s about the only accommodation they’re going to make for you if we don’t win. Staying home isn’t an option either. This process was never going to be as easy as going through the drive-thru at Burger King. You’re not gonna have it your way in 5 minutes or less.

Get on board for the long haul if you are truly serious about freeing Dixie.

-By Dixie Anon