The Bible and Politics- A Foundation

Our culture is at war. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option as the country divides into hot and cold; the lukewarm are spewed out. As we are thrust into political warfare, we need to understand our place in this world. What role does God want us to play? Once we know this, it can be a guide as we step forward.

So what are man’s duties, as a husband and father?

In Eden, Adam and Eve were to remain together. Together, they had the strength to overcome the tempter. Man and wife are to be inseparable. Together, they have the strength to overcome trials that standing alone would crush them. This, then, is the husband’s duty, to stand by his wife.

After the fall, social structure is defined in greater detail. Roles were delineated, providing a structure that complimented the skills and address the weaknesses of man and woman. The woman was to bring new life into the world. Man was to be the leader and to work the fields to provide for his family. As a woman finds joy and fulfillment in bringing new life into the world (John 16:21) and raising them for God, so we see in Ecclesiastes that man finds joy and fulfillment in the labor of his hands. This is man’s duty – to lead, to find joy and fulfillment in the labor of his hands.

In the lives of the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament and then detailed in the New Testament structure of the church (Ephesians 5, 1 Timothy 3) – the man is to be the spiritual leader. Head of the home, leader in the church, but like Christ, who served all, while being king of all. Importantly, men are to be servant-leaders. This is the duty of man – to be a servant leader, serving his wife, his church and his people.

This brings us to the first area of conflict with those waging the culture war in our country. The Culture War says that men and women have no differences, that woman can be interchangeable with man. From the world to the Church, we see this view spread so that now the structure the Lord set up is being subverted. Working moms are not raising their children. Instead, the state is raising their children and not with our historical and moral values. Anxious to be accepted by the world, the Church is placing women in the roles of spiritual leaders. As the abandonment of God’s plan has destroyed the family, so too will it destroy the Church.

This is the first of our foundations. In the home, the church and the nation, God has given men and women roles that fit their talents. Talents that work together to create a strong and healthy society that strengthens all and prepares the ground for further growth.

-By David

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