The Voice of Reason

The Synagogue Shooting should elicit another kind of sadness from those of us on the Far Right, particularly those of us in the identitarian contingent. The great tragedy primarily comes not from the magnitude of the event, but the fact that it was entirely preventable.

When I first read about the Dylan Roof shooting in June of 2015, my first thought was, “it won’t be the last one.” As we found out more about Mr. Roof, a pattern of desperation, isolation, and helplessness emerged in his thoughts and behaviors. I believe this will also sum up Mr. Bowers’ life experience.

The thing that drove these two to their ultimately pointless acts of violence is the same factor that drives other “blaze of glory” types to theirs. They feel helpless, alone, and persecuted. The elites’ reaction to these events has been to further clamp down, harass, and persecute the Right. The very fact that we can’t speak frankly about problems of race or gender in our society without mouthing the false gospel of egalitarianism and straight white male flagellation ensures that every day, more Roofs and Bowers are being created.

We want a peaceful transition of power in European and European settled nations back into the hands of the posterity of the people who built these great nations. Chaos and warfare have a heavy price and we cannot endorse these methods. We’re committed to the legal advocacy of ourselves and our interests. That said, the status quo is not on the table. The current state of affairs will not continue.

The Left has a tiger by the tail and it has two options. It can let go and try to escape, or it can hold on to its prize and wait for the moment where the pain in the tiger’s tail cannot compete with his motivation to rid himself of the pain.

The status quo cannot hold. The white male youth are moving far to the Right. Moreover, the Left becomes more “anti-semitic” the less white it becomes. No matter how high his or her verbal IQ, a Jew cannot explain to an inflamed negro how he or she is more disadvantaged than “people of color.” The same goes for sexual deviants, white progressives, and all of the other “thought leaders” of the coalition. When you govern a mob, they will eventually turn on you.

I restate, we’re not looking at an “if” when we discuss the surrender of power of the Left. We’re looking at a “when,” and more importantly, a “how.” By continually eradicating organizations dedicated to the non-criminal advocacy of their own interests, the Left ensures there will be desperate, radical, violent young men willing to utilize criminal behavior to achieve justice. I’m not above quoting leftist slogans back at them. It was JFK who said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” By locking down free speech, association and organization for the Right, the Left is advocating an end of fire rather than ice. But the point remains that they still cannot win. The Left is set to implode into tribal infighting factions. They just seem adamant in their pursuit of provoking more desperate men into more idiotic attempts to lash back at the system that ails them.

We don’t want blood in the streets. We don’t “get off” to visions of the apocalypse. We want to tuck our kids into bed knowing that they’ll be safe tomorrow. We know our enemies have the same motivations. We’re not in it for bloodbaths and torture. We’re in it for our families, friends, kinsmen, and kith. We’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it for love. It makes me sad to see men driven to acts of senseless and stupid wrath as they try to cope with the ruins of their lives by ruining the lives of others.

But at the end of the day, it seems like the Left has doubled down and become even more rabid in their pursuit of the conditions that make these desperate lunatics so desperate. As they increase the pressure on these individuals, expect more to crack and commit pointless acts of violence. Expect us to shake our heads and say, “I told you so.”

We don’t believe in acts of violence. We believe telling the truth is the most violent thing we can do.


  1. “We want to tuck our kids into bed knowing that they’ll be safe tomorrow…..We’re in it for our families, friends, kinsmen, and kith. We’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it for love.”

    Absolutely and well said!