Shitter’s Full!

Good citizenship. It’s a vitally important concept that keeps a place functioning. I tend to think that I’m one of the good people of the earth, a man who actually puts his cart back once he’s done shopping at Walmart. I tuck in my shirt, have never worn cargo pants, refrain from breaking out into profane rants in the presence of female family members and put on a shirt when it’s time to eat dinner. Worse guys exist. Elderly neighbors get their walkways shoveled at no charge.

Yet, sometimes, even the best among us experiences their lapses. There’s these things called “wet wipes”. I can’t recall how or when I did, but I took a liken’ to using them. The missus pointed out that she’d heard on TV about how this practice was detrimental to the functionality of the sewer system. My response was that we have no septic tank to consider, and there’s zero possibility that we’d ever be apprehended and brought to justice.

Then, last week, I came across a story about how the Charleston, South Carolina water system was forced to send divers nearly 100 feet down into raw sewage to manually extract massive heaps of these things that had clogged the system. Once the task was accomplished, they had to be hosed down with bleach.

Under certain theories of capitalism, inadvertently inconsiderate people like myself generate economic activity by creating problems to solve. I’m relatively certain that John Maynard Keynes would approve of my toiletry predilections. However, I maintain a relative degree of agnosticism towards either camp of the spectrum. Honestly, I just felt guilty.

Thus, I’ve been shamed into desisting and must use more conventional methods. I would argue that this should be credited to my citizenship account, although I’m no hero. My principle contention is simply that this attitude is being eroded basically everywhere.

On another note, it’s a sign of the fact that many people have lost touch with what physically sustains their existence. We’re living at a point where one can tap a screen and get a pizza delivered to their doorstep for a pittance. There’s so many Weimericans out there doing what are basically make-work jobs in this brief point in time that things can function the way that they do.

Hordes of young people are going into relatively enormous student debt in order to end up working at a coffee shop or tanning salon. Meanwhile, the highly-skilled physical tasks that keep everything peaceful and working are overlooked, and always at a shortage of smart guys.

Whoever fixed the problem in Charleston had to have actual skills applicable to the real world, and the competence to perform his difficult job correctly. Otherwise, he’d be dead and nobody could flush their toilets. Although, none of this probably matters to someone with the brilliance to manage a social media account.


  1. On one of my last real jobs before I retired, at 61 years, I was the youngest guy in Maintenance at a metal-stamping manufacturer. The guy who relieved me for 2nd shift was well over 70. We had one guy, retired and drawing SS, who worked two days a week keeping machines oiled and lubed.

    Sometimes, we’d stand and wonder about who was going to keep up all that gear when we weren’t around.

    I’m currently applying for a part-time position maintaining grounds at a local Sheriff’s Youth Camp. Make a little extra money to supplement SS, and stay sane.
    Perks of being able to use onsite archery and gun ranges are a definite plus, too.