Et in Periculus de Fedpoasting

Originally, this piece started off as a joke. The obviously fake bombs being sent with insufficient postage to people who didn’t open their own mail. Had to be self-sent, right? Liberals looking to save the blue wave from going down the toilet. And when people were not swayed by it, and they never were going to be given the constant boy-who-cried-wolf histrionics of the left, surely the left would up the ante to a mass shooting. I decided to hold off finishing this bad boy until they caught the “bomber,” in the hopes that it would turn out to be ANTIFA or some other leftist with an agenda. That does not appear to be the case. Upon applying the finishing touches, I see that an Atomwaffle tier idiot has decided to shoot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Memes imitate life imitates memes.

The event yesterday morning got me to thinking: how did these guys get to this point? Apparently right-wing guys pushed into nonsensical actions which, at least on paper, benefit the left. The answer donned on me rather quickly: they were both fedposters who received encouragement from some source or another over a period of time which eventually caused them to act as they did. What is this source? JIDF? Our own government? Some troll who thought it would be funny?  I don’t seek to speculate. But cui bono, particularly in the case of the shooting, is obvious. And it isn’t any nationalist inside or outside of Dixie.

Cesar Sayoc is an interesting character from the looks of it. His voting records indicate that he’s a recent convert to the right, switching his party registration from Democrat or Green to Republican in March of 2016 so that he could vote in the Florida primary, which is closed. It would seem that he took the conversion seriously, as his many posts on Twitter and the van full of stickers would indicate. Yes, I’ve heard the conspiracy theories about said stickers – but the van was spotted as early as last December and there were many stickers on it then, and different ones at that. So, he changes them out as they get bleached by the South Florida sun. What is also clear is that he’s a man suffering from a severe mental imbalance. His fascination with bombs dates back to 2002, when he threatened he would cause an event worse than 9/11.

He made numerous fedposts on Twitter, showing videos of animals being butchered or eaten by crocodiles followed by videos of prominent liberals. The implication being that they deserved a violent death and that he was the one who was going to provide it. This is a man who would clearly be easily encouraged to act “violently.” I use quotations because the laughable items he crafted were in no way capable of exploding. They lacked a trigger, the wire gauge was incorrect, and the digital timer was not the proper kind for a detonation device. Was this intentional? Was he just stupid? Maybe we’ll find out. My bet is that ol’ Cesar is going to get memory holed out of the public conscience just like Stephen Paddock was. The story still has massive holes in it. Namely, all the items appear to have insufficient postage, and several were purportedly hand delivered, including one in California and a few in New York. Yet Cesar was captured in South Florida less than a day after the office of Maxine Waters received its suspicious package, which was hand delivered. If the liberal commentariat can make a guy who killed 58 people disappear, it should be pretty easy to make this imbecile do so as well. No one was actually hurt and no one ever could have been, given the undetonatable “bombs” that Sayoc is alleged to have made. Paddock was also a fedposter, by the by, just of a different political persuasion.

Which brings us to Mr Bowers, the suspect in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting. Some brave soul plumbed the depths of GAB to find a history of his posts. They remind me of why I got off GAB as quickly as I got on it. It would seem that he is a fringe alt-righter. Bowl patrol or atomwaffle territory? Definitely an accelerationist, whatever he is. The posts repeatedly indicate a lack of belief in any sort of political solution, in either the short or the long term, to our predicament and a loathing of Donald Trump as someone who is insufficiently nationalist and who is a tool of the chosenites.  Sperg tier nonsense. He has frequent public interactions with a profile called Tyrone Jackson (IQ level: based N-word) where the latter encourages the frustration of the former. The account in question seems to be a shill or a troll egging Bowers on in his descent into madness.

No similar dramatis personae appear in Sayoc’s online profile, but it would not surprise me if he too had a little birdie whispering in his ear that sending those packages would be what the Donald wants him to do.

Two different men, warped in their own way, do virulently stupid things that demonstrably harm the political positions they outwardly profess. One is a non-white snowbird from New York, the other a white from Steeltown. Sayoc is for sure a boomer, Bowers is a black-pilled gen-Xer. The common thread between them (and Stephen Paddock) is that they routinely fedposted in ways that drew attention to themselves.

For those who may not be familiar, fedposting takes one of two forms: either you are making public violent threats or encouraging others to do the same. The practice gets its name from the latter, as federals like to encourage others to commit crimes.

I don’t think the Sayoc “bombs” will have any lasting effect. No one got hurt, no one could get hurt, and the guy isn’t white, so it’s inconvenient to the narrative. Furthermore, the perpetual outrage machine the left has pursued since Trump was still a candidate has desensitized the right to this kind of thing and the lefty NPCs reached saturation long ago – it was never a tactic that was going to work.

Bowers action could have more lasting implications, particularly in our circles. While he does not share the views of the majority of the alt right, but rather its fringe, shooting up a synagogue full of people is a casus belli against the rest of us, just as the idiocy of Dylann Roof was against Confederate statues and flags. But even in normie circles, I’m seeing jaded laughs about how we all called this before Sayoc was even captured. It is absolutely the current year.

I’m aware that I’m shooting from the hip here, and much of what I’m saying may in the future be invalidated by subsequent information coming to light. I will author a correction if this winds up being the case. But what I will stand firm on is that the moral here is that nothing good comes of fedposting. If you’re an idiot, it very well could wind up with people trained in psychology using you to foment their political ends as seems to be the case with both “bomber” and shooter.  If you’re not an idiot (Paddock was literally a millionaire rocket scientist), you can be used as a convenient fall guy in an obvious false flag. Or, like RAM, you can get hammered by the feds for plotting to “incite a riot” because you had previously discussed the possibility of violence before crossing state lines and participating in an event where ANTIFA forced you to commit violence to defend yourselves.

Don’t do it, fam. Vent your frustrations and your black pills in private among trusted and vetted friends. Don’t leave a digital trail in a timeline where the enemy controls it. Find a good woman. Have a family. Retake everything. Things are not as dark as they might seem.

Deo Vindice


  1. Bowers’ stupidity is all over the trending news on my kindle. Netanyahu, Hollywood and Trump and his administration are all competing to see who can say ‘antisemitic hate’ the most.

    The truth is, we’re headed for civil war and this kind of pointless violence will get more common; the more high strung individuals are getting impatient. The other side has been violent for a while and have been hoping our side would get violent so they can crack down on freedom of speech and assembly which will only fuel more high time preference Bowers types which will lead to more crackdowns, etc until the whole thing explodes.

    Buckle up and remember accelerationism isn’t necessary, this is a force of nature.

  2. I agree @rogerunited. And @op so it’s a national tragedy for ram case of optics; but that hias citizen replacement body deserves some daylight. Don’t be erudite, buckle down and dig in. What about the civil liberties and actual judical precedent since 69 being throw out the window.