Sow Red Pills, Reap the Harvest: The Strategy to Kill Marxism

Marxism is an ideology for the inferior.  But there is a distinction between White Marxists, Colored Marxists and Jewish Marxists.  Before I go any further, let me explain what is at the root of all Marxist ideology, before I explain how it can be deconstructed by forcing it to collapse upon itself.

Marxism is an ideology predicated on evening outcomes.  It seeks “equality” by any means necessary.  Nature is not equal.  Genetic differences ensure some are stronger, others faster; some people are smarter while others are less intelligent.  By striving for equality, Marxists are really saying, “We cannot compete; we need you to even the playing field by slowing you down… by any means necessary.”

Marxists are literally the kid that was not even worthy of a 1980s bully.  He was not the last one picked for a baseball game or dodge-ball.  He literally could not play.  Perhaps it was fear of breaking his large, hook nose.  Perhaps it was because he was never even invited to the gym.  Regardless, most Marxist Males will eventually “co-habitat” with a female of similar ilk who openly pushes feminism, but secretly wishes a male would physically and sexually dominate her before he commands her to make a sandwich.  (All women want to cook a meal for a man that will throw them around in bed, but open doors for them in public.)

Still, not all Marxists are created equal.

The frail and over compensating White Marxist

The description I just gave was of White Marxists.  They are the individuals who would gladly surrender all of the incredible history and culture of the Western World because they were never invited into it.  But what about Colored Marxists and Jewish Marxists?  They have different goals.

For Colored Marxists, whom genetically derive from impoverished wastelands, Marxism is appealing because it is institutionalized theft.  Incapable of competing at a high, intellectual level in a technological world, they need to force “equal” outcomes.  Let’s be honest: does any one White family in suburbia really believe blacks actually earned their way into Harvard without the benefit of affirmative action?  Based, over-achieving Asians know that is not the case.  That is why only half of blacks actually graduate from the prestigious university; usually with non-STEM degrees.  Stealing from qualified Whites is what Colored Marxists do best [ahem: RhodesiaSouth AfricaDetroit]

How about Jewish Marxists?  Ahhhhh… here are your “alphas” of the Marxist movement.  The history between Jewish communities and Christian communities can be encapsulated in one word: conflict.  It has always been that way from the time upon which the Jews abrogated their covenant with God, by first intermixing with the Edomites, breaking their blood bond with God, and then rejecting Jesus the Messiah because of it.  But the fact that Jews make up such a small sliver of the global population ensured resistance met reality. You cannot overpower a people who not only outnumber you, but can decimate you in a fist fight.  Whereas not all Jews are Bolsheviks, most Jews are Leftists, because they instinctively reject White Christian dominance in any form – which is naturally to preserve and conserve that which Whites uniquely brought to the world: individual independence framed within the constructs of the rule of law.

Consequently, Jews are not the pathetic loser, like the White Marxist, who gravitates to Marxism simply to get laid or feel included in a group.  Jews are naturally intelligent, hyper-disciplined and physically soft.  Jews are gifted strategic thinkers.  One does not survive this long as a unique ethno-cultural construct without being one step ahead of everyone.  To dismiss and ridicule Jews is done at one’s cultural and societal peril.  Thus, Jewish Marxists do not really want to even outcomes like their inferior White and Colored Marxist brethren (let’s be honest, women are not leading any of this… transvestites are not women).  Jewish Marxists seek to dominate what is left after they dismantle White Christian dominated societies.   They have weaponized victimization, first by building a pseudo-emotional bond with “fellow victims” (Two million Jews were killed in the Holocaust… did I say two? I meant four million… did I say four, I meant six million…).  Then they lead through an alternative vision.  If you look at every Marxist leader or organization, to include the mainstream media, someone at the very top is a leftwing Jewish activist.

(((Scott Wiener))) – perhaps the most perverse Democrat in San Francisco. Check out his accomplishments in office.

So, where does that lead us?  Now that we know the enemy, let me show you an easy way to destroy them. Ignore the Jewish and Colored Marxists.  They are irrelevant.  Focus on your scrawny, pathetic, White Marxist cousin.

Blacks make up less than thirteen percent of the population and they are proportionally shrinking faster than Whites, thanks to fratricide, degenerate rap videos and abortion.  I cringe when I hear that Trump wants to intervene in the Malthusian population control occurring in the south side of Chicago.

Jews are even smaller.  They stand at less than 3% and are shrinking quickly as well.  Part of this is due to simple immigration.  By virtue of that which the Wall Street Journal calls the Jewish led 1965 Immigration Act, which denied European White Christians from entering the United States as immigrants for the past three generations, the immigration act had a corollary effect of denying European Jews as well.  Now, two distinct groups of deeply anti-Jewish migrants are arriving to the United States as the largest proportion of immigrants: Muslims and Hispanics.  In their quest to destroy conservative White Christian America, Jews are making themselves less relevant.

So, how do you deal with White Marxists? Red pill drips – not to him, but those around him.  Sow red pills.

For the Southerner, remember your audience.  Hook nose memes will get you nowhere.  Most have been raised as Christian-Zionists.  They love Israel and believe Jews are the chosen people.  To keep their tax exempt status, most Christian churches skip over the arguments in the Bible whereby those whom we consider modern Jews lost their covenant with God; the only covenant is one between Jesus and the Believer.  But I digress.

It is of no avail to shoot up Nazi salutes and complain openly about the Jews.  Shoving a red pill down the collective throats of potential Southern allies regarding Judeo-Bolshevism will turn those off who otherwise likely share your other misgivings about immigrants, Blacks, communism and the bumbling American Empire.  It is better to simply allow Jewish Marxists to do the work for you.  When they complain about Trump – a man who has literally bent over backward for Jews, to include threatening the rest of the world by putting the Embassy in Jerusalem – there is an easier and more effective way to awaken your fellow Southerner. Click any opinion column by a Leftist Jew complaining about Trump [there are literally thousands], share it on Facebook, and openly ask the honest question: “Trump has done more for the Jewish community than any other President since Truman. Is there no pleasing these people?”

Keep asking this question over and over and over.

As for red pill dripping on subjects like Hispanic immigration – separate the argument from Hispanics and immigration, first.  Many Hispanics are pretty based.  As previously noted, they disproportionately hate Jews, most have had bad experiences with Marxism, and they really hate Blacks.  In fact, the number one non-accident related killer of young Hispanic men are young Black men.  Not all Hispanics are White, but nearly half are.  The other half are mixed.  Typically, those who can afford to stay in the United States or have been granted asylum are formerly affluent disposed Whites (e.g., Florida Cubans; Venezuelan property owners).  Illegals are the other kind.  Building bridges with these Nationalistic, instinctively authoritarian, White Hispanics is critical.  There is no sense in rejecting a born ally who has more in common with Southerners than a Massachusetts Yankee.

Once separated, attack immigration on non-racial grounds.  Again, red pill drip.  Attack the subject on political-economic grounds.  Hammer home the fact that illegal immigrants harm labor earnings (a former favorite topic of Leftists).  Show proof of the costly expense of illegal immigration.  Point out the overwhelming amount of crime.  Share verifiable data that skirts Facebook and Twitter community policies.   Undermine any support for immigration that might be left among the audience with cold, hard facts of its degenerative consequences.

Then circle back to race… point out to White Hispanics that Marxists are seeking to bring in more “brown” Hispanics who will dispossess them of their gains in the United States if they are not stopped.  Castilian Cubans know this scenario all too well.

The next phase is prepare the harvest.

In every message you make, ensure you are not overtly pushing away a population that has been raised on generations of venerating race mixing, Black athletes, and “sharing.”  Plant the seeds that grow red pills.  Do it everywhere.  Do it often.  Do it on every social media platform.  Avoid overtly breaking the rules of social media platforms.

This meme is able to slip through their community guideline defenses. Use this strategy.

Just sow.  Why?  Because soon you will have to harvest your awakened Southerners.

Marxists are about to do something they have always done: they are about to push too far.  Unlike previous successful Marxist revolutions, there is a key element that Marxists in the United States lack.  They have no grounding in the reality of the enemy they seek to face in the battlefield.

Neither Jewish nor Colored Marxists understand the South.  Colored people in the South have a better appreciation for it.  Consequently, they stay on their side of the tracks in most Southern towns.  But as a whole, Colored Marxists in the broader United States do not understand the militant nature and capacity of the Southron.  They are largely surrounded by the pathetic, inferior White Marxists who subordinate themselves to Colored peoples.  They fail to understand that this is not the case in your ordinary Southern home.  We may be polite to a Colored patron, but we will not subject ourselves to those whom we see as lesser.

Jewish Marxists are similarly concentrated in large urban pockets that afford them the protection of special status.  They vote with their “fellow oppressed” People of Color, but they do not live in “those” neighborhoods.  They own the building, take the Section 8 check, cash it, and donate some of the proceeds to the Democrat Party.  Jewish Marxists cavort with White Marxists at elite cafes and bars.  But they do not see those White Marxists as equals; they have already gamed out who will be exterminated first.  The two groups – White and Jewish Marxists – talk of revolution and cheer the AntiFa, but none of it is grounded in reality.  They live in bubbles of privilege, eagerly awaiting the day upon which they can lead a Colored Army into privileged White neighborhoods and redistribute the fruits of White greed to those whom they exploited.  These White Marxists are being used.  Ironically, they are helping us by giving Jewish and Colored Marxists an unrealistic picture of that which awaits them.

Let them fertilize your red pill crops.

The best thing about the Trump victory was that it forced Marxists to abandon their strategy of moderately and patiently co-opting the mechanisms of power and favoring a strategy of physical confrontation.  Learning nothing from the Wiemar Republic, they literally seek to burn down the Capitol Building.  They’re in a blood-lust now, who knows what they’re capable of at this point.

The reason that Trump’s victory upsets the Marxists so much is that their original leaders know that they can never really win a war of physical confrontation.  They needed time to change the demographics of the United States and disarm those Whites who would push back.  The better outcome was winning the “long march through the institutions.” First, Bill Clinton laid the groundwork at the Department of Justice for Obama.  Obama cultivated it and expanded internal Marxist power through executive authority.  Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election and seal the deal – bringing about systemic change through the power of the Presidency and weaponizing the Judiciary.  When that did not happen, and Trump won, it brought “progress” to a screeching halt.  In fact, their interpretation of progress hit a brick wall.

But it would not matter if it were Trump or Kasich, the fact that a Republican won in 2016 infuriated the collective Marxist Left.

Disheartened by what they see as a corporate-led betrayal of their ideals, most have given up on the “long march” strategy.  Now they want war.  Untethered from their former elite strategic overlords within the Marxist movement, they are now led by more emotional, devout Marxist elites.  They are led by the Barack Obama and Bill Ayers Left.  They are all “Weathermen” now.  These people sincerely believe Trump will do irrevocable harm to their movement; it is either “now or never.”  But they are making strategic mistake after strategic mistake.  As the AntiFa beats up old ladies at prayer rallies, normal Americans watch the television or the Facebook feed in horror and disgust.

White Christian normies were trained to reject racial and social order; they naturally reject political violence.  They can be retrained to accept racial and social order.  They can never be trained to accept that political violence is “OK,” accept in circumstances of defense from direct physical harm (e.g., the Proud Boys defending themselves from Marxist thugs.).  The Leftist argument that conservative beliefs are physically threatening, therefore assault is justified, does not resonate with the majority of Whites.

That is when your red pill seed grows into a full blown crop to be harvested.

Drip by drip, seedling by seedling, everything you plant today is fertilized by the actions of the radical Left.  When Republicans hold Congressional power in 2018 (at a minimum, gains in the Senate; possibly holding both Houses), the emotional Left will go apoplectic.  Emboldened by the misinformation of the White Marxist whom normal Whites exiled in Middle School, the Colored and Jewish Marxists will increase the intensity of their violence – believing this will be an easy victory.

Just like they always have, they will push the envelope too far.

I guarantee that the most stunning and terrifying sight to Marxists throughout the country was the enormous League of the South march from the parking garage to Lee Park in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right Rally.  There is no way they could have known that so many White Southerners were ready to defend themselves from Marxists and to preserve their culture and heritage.  They should know that the League presence was just a fraction of the strength that the South can bring to bear.  Of course, they do not.  Prior to UTR, they were assured by their inferior White Marxist collaborators that White kids in polo shirts would wilt at the sight of a Black man.

They were wrong then; they are wrong now.

Sow red pills.  Let the Marxists do what they do best.  Be patient.  Reap what you sow.  Destroy communism and forever destroy the enemy of White Christian Southern Society.   Make pretty little White Christian babies.  They are bringing about their own destruction and a Free South will Rise.