Build Your Own Damn Boat

Politics, particularly an interest in fringe politics, seems to attract a certain type or personality and after giving it some careful thought, I might have a fresh grasp on why this is. The type of personality in question is a contrarian, of a certain intellectual threshold, yet at the same time lacking the discipline, perseverance or social finesse to create a certain stability and comfort in their own lives. This leads them to seek an outward cause for their frustrations with their perceived world.

The obvious low hanging fruit to showcase in this example are the leftist social-justice obsessed, nonconformists. They may give just enough lip service to economic justice to qualify as true leftists, but for them, their economic struggles and social struggles conflate and confuse into one another in their tortured minds. Ripe for the picking is the crusade to demand approval and the sanction of normalcy from the rest of us. It is not enough to be left alone, they must reach into the very minds and hearts of every individual and enforce a powerful groupthink of unconditional “equality,” the bastard demon offspring of the enlightenment postmodern worldview. They feel they must monitor and control any critical thoughts that might invalidate their unarguably bizarre and degenerate fixations and fetishes. Others may indulge in one or two of these, but most sane people have enough self awareness to keep such things private. The damaged social-justice obsessed are true believers in the idea that, with the Death of God, *everything* should not only be permitted, but sanctioned.

Mentally ill.

Less obvious on a superficial level, are the Alt-Right true believers – what some would call “purity spiralers,” the “principled,” or perhaps bestow a preemptive diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. Self proclaimed “Fashy” types and “Natsocs,” as well as 1.0 versions of White Nationalists and everything that goes with that. True, attempts have been made in good faith to appeal to these types as potential shock troops, allies in this two way tug-of-war (with mixed results, as in the end, optics trump all). It seems that the neo-reactionary core of the big-tent Alt-Right and these 1.0 and trve believers will always be as oil and water, despite our best intentions.

We recognize a need for self-reliance, self-improvement and development of strength over our environment. Perhaps, we just want the globalist-elite meddlers, bureaucrat-gang and the “democrats” to get out of our way – to leave us be, free to pursue self-determination. However, the mine-laden quicksand in our side of the tug-of-war is the JQ. They are our perfect scapegoat, one can’t deny the social erosion caused by those who have one set of interests for themselves and another for their host nation and people. “One set of rules for us, another for them” is their default mode of operation. While we can blame them for eroding our culture, it is our own who have sold us out to them.

However, what we can control, is our own agency and by denying modernity – recklessly borrowing money, consuming pornography, eating processed foods, being dazzled by cheap technological entertainment, etc. Instead, we need to be building ourselves a real culture and real wealth. Ironically, it was psychedelic icon, Terence McKenna, who said “culture is not your friend” and “build your own damn boat” decades before “5PT” was even a meme.

Where each group falls short, and what attracts them to fringe politics in the first place, is a resignation and the subsequent shift of agency to an external force. When an individual is subject to repeated failure in any sphere of life, it is indeed only natural to start to question the very structure of the game, it’s justification for being in place and its fairness. Especially, if the person believes the degree of failure they’re experiencing doesn’t match up with their own perceived competence, all too irresistible as Dunning-Kruger demonstrates. However, this also greases the slope toward the pit of resignation, anger and blame.

What we do with this knowledge is up to each of us individually, to examine ourselves. This introspection must be brutal and, perhaps, even painful as it breaks us outside of our comfort zone. We need to identify and address mental blocks and internal barriers before lazily putting all blame on external forces (i.e., the Jews made it rain on your birthday). There is yet an untapped degree of freedom and prosperity surrounding us, even despite difficult economic times and, yes, even the baggage of poor past decisions.

Perhaps, a realignment of our ideals toward self empowerment and agency can revitalize the deflating tent of the “Alt-Right” and those refugees looking for new and clear direction.

-By SS