Resistance is Fertile

Grey stone prison
Beneath the open sky
Here our folk are herded
Cattle til they die

Our folk were told of wealth
Of prosperous success
But not of noxious smoke
Choking every breath

Hands that shake from hunger
Reach out to grasp the dream
Amid the rumbling throng
Who will heed your scream?

Given golden manacles
Clamped to grinding stone
Sweat in metal husks
Fingers worked to bone

Godless churches fill the void
Desperate souls seek reprieve
But spiritually paranoid
This simple wish they shan’t receive

In stone prisons beneath the skies
Will Mammon’s priests bequeath demise
Empty bellies, one may disguise
Empty souls appear in these eyes

Wolves preaching to their sheep
Their hungry gaze hypnotic
Great crowds, whose spirit sleep
Poor souls made neurotic

Drained by drugs
Or died a slave
Or Killed by thugs
You’ll find a grave

Yet hope is shown
Past knew the way
A few acres you own
At the end of the day

Trade in pretension, the pressure, your worry
Run and take up the plow, there’s time if you hurry
Yet fear not for the toil, and sweat that you shed
For it waters the soil, where your ancestors bled

Do not be anxious, you will not be alone
Your god is yet there, for courage you’ve shown
From babble you fled, willpower as stone
And neighbors you will gain, will be of your own

Strengthen your faith, trust in your God
Come find your strength, in this soil you plod
Never lose heart, no matter the hurdle
Be assured dear reader, resistance is fertile

-By Gunther

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