Jack Ryan, Not So Super Spook

So, after the liberal screeching about Jack Ryan and how it was racist and sexist and this, that and the other, I figured “okay, I’m in for some decent TV.” If liberals are offended by it, it’s gotta be decent, right? Hoo lawd did they bait me hard on this. In no particular order, here are my beefs with Amazon’s take on Jack Ryan (SPOILER ALERT).

1. For whatever reason (heh), Wendell Pierce‘s James Greer was made a Muslim. This is the character originally played by James Earl Jones in the Harrison Ford era of Jack Ryan. Apparently, genius black CIA officer isn’t progressive enough anymore. Gotta check an extra box or two. One of the handful of /ourscenes/ involves a French cop bemoaning the fact that Muzzies can’t and won’t integrate into French society, thinking that the American Greer will be sympathetic. I sure was. But, Greer pulls out whatever Muslims call their prayer beads. Frenchie asks, “What is that, a rosary?” Greer responds, “It’s an X (I don’t know or care to know what they’re called). I use it to ask Allah to give me peace when I am confronted by ASSHOLES!” OMG TRUTH TO POWER YOU GUYSES! HE SURE SHOWED THAT NATZEE! The jab at French nationalism was an early indication of which way this show was going.

2. Jack Ryan is a total liberal faggot. He is constantly getting into it with his bosses about the hard nosed, morally grey way that the CIA gets things done when it comes to acquiring information about terrorists. And, what it does with that information. In one such scene, he allows a fleeing suspect to get away out of fear that he’d clip a bystander (despite the fact that he’s a well trained war hero). That suspect later gasses a Church after killing a French lady cop (not the based cop that Greer E V I S C E R A T E S). Does Ryan learn from this? That some people only understand violence and power? Nope. As of episode 7 (of 8), he was whining to stop the president from bombing the compound where the main bad guy was located. Why? Because the bad guy has a kid. The president agrees to send a ground force in, rather than an airstrike. The night of the raid, the aforementioned kid uses video games to contact his sister, whom his mother (more on her later) fled to the US with. Terrorist daddy sees the transmission and figures something is up and flees before the cavalry arrives. Yeah, the insertion team rescues some shoehorned plot device centered around Doctors Without Borders — ultimately, the deus ex machina that convinces the president not to airstrike, as the leader of the captives was in ‘Nam with him. Unsurprisingly, the main target gets away. Womp womp.

John Krasinski totally doesn’t stand out here. This is deep cover.

3. There are numerous scenes trying to tug at the audience’s heart strings about the poor plight of “muh refugees.” First off, contrary to reality, the actors and actresses playing the refugees are mostly women and children – not military aged men with a penchant for vicious rape and violence. A simple analysis of any photograph of refugees shows that they are overwhelmingly military age men and because that is what polygamous societies have a massive surplus of. The conditions on the way to and in the camps are bad, but the refugees go through danger anyway because home is so much worse. As is typical of Hollywood, much focus is placed on s