Frat Bros: Join or Die

The Greek system has a long and storied history in American academic life. We’ve been a part of the college experience for many young men and women for well over a century now. Once Middle and Upper class white (and black) Americans aspired to have their children join a reputable fraternal organization in college to build connections and social capital for their adult life in the business world.

But, starting in the 1980’s the perception of our organizations began to change. A series of Hollywood films portrayed us as drunken, stupid, spoiled oafs. No longer were we clean-cut all-American boys in sweaters serenading our gals in four-part harmony, we were now cast as a drunken, fat John Belushi playing Peeping Toms. Or if we were still shown as clean-cut and attractive, like Ted McGinley in Revenge of the Nerds, it was to demonstrate that we were spoiled, arrogant douchebags drenched in unearned “privilege.”

Starting in the 90’s universities, under pressure from various feminist groups, nebbish professors and wealthy progressive donors began to crack down on the perceived “excesses” of the Greek System. Sometimes this was justified as when extreme hazing, spurred on more by media portrayals than real tradition, endangered the lives of pledges. But more often than not, attacks on fraternities have been motivated more by grievance and social justice politics than genuine concerns for students’ well-being. Take for example the notorious UVA rape-hoax of a few years ago, where the university caved to an absurd tale of young white men engaging in the gang-rape of a fellow student on a floor of broken glass. Because of these “attacks,” many chapters have folded and every fraternity in the country is now forced to shell out a huge portion of their dues for extensive insurance coverage.

Make no mistake Frat Boys: they want you dead. They perceive you, rightly, to be one of the last surviving vestiges of the old order. And the smart ones know that you often provide mentorship, community, and direction to young men in an increasingly hostile college environment. They want those pledges to be set adrift in the feminized, social justice hellscape of the 21st university. They absolutely do not want a “safe space” for men to be men, or to organize for mutual support. They do not want young, white college men to be able to connect with alumni who can give them an “unearned” leg-up in fields like business, law, or even academia (yes, their were once Greek Professors).

And so, you are left with the choice, do you merely keep your heads down and hope that your university will grant you another year’s pardon on your eventual march to the social justice guillotine? Or do you take arms (metaphorically) to preserve that which was passed down to you for future generations of young white men? You see your struggle on college campuses is merely a synecdoche of the greater struggle of our entire civilization. Everything good, everything which brings us joy and comfort, everything which our fathers’ fathers passed onto us is under siege. None of it, not a single statue, not a single fraternity house, paddle, or chanson, will remain if we fail.

So, those of us in the nationalist movement extend to you our hand, our understanding, and our friendship. Many of us have stood where you stand now, and we are firmly committed to ensuring that the things you hold dear will remain for generations to come. Join us. L/R.