Double, Double Toil and Trouble

There’s a lot of women out there who are unhinged and out of control. Creatures born beyond the embrace of reason can easily take that sort of direction once deprived of traditional guidance and structure, especially after being bombarded with such a cacophony of mal-influences.

One particularly bizarre aspect of our strange age is the sharp rise in the number of “self-identifying witches” in this country. Apparently, lots of them got together to hex Bret Kavanaugh. From Vox:

These rituals of witchcraft, for some, fill a gap in the societal order by providing a structure and a vocabulary for issues that American culture more broadly has not yet satisfactorily addressed.

Actually, this phenomenon can be addressed in less than one complete sentence: No husband, no kids, no God. The lack of any one of these three vital components can have a severely destabilizing effect on a woman’s psyche. We’ve all seen it and now we’ve got witches with a modern twist. Who needs the blood of a baby when a box of Franzia retails for less than 17 dollars? She don’t need no man, please pass the Xanax.

History, as always, is replete with precedents. Until relatively recently in the grand scheme of things, almost everything was parsed out in a religious fashion. This went from who was properly fit to lead a country right down to agricultural practices.

Back then, when a woman started acting outside of appropriate parameters it was generally concluded that she was in league with Lucifer. It’s an understandable line of reasoning given the context of the times. Then, after fair and appropriate due process, she got set alight. Cleansed from the community. Stability was maintained. They totally did nothing wrong, probably.

The vast majority of Americans have long since abandoned the pieties of their forebearers. Just imagine if it were possible to transport a common man from Tudor England to the US today and introduce him to the average Episcopal ministress in full rainbow garb. He’d be enraged at the profane defilement of the sacred. He’d just met a fucking witch. It would be impossible for a man of his time to conclude otherwise. Who would commit such a mockery unless it was at the Devil’s bidding?

The fact that we’re seeing outright witches shouldn’t be a shock. These drug-addled “Wicca” catladies worshiping Gaia while playing bongo drums were far too mild. Of course it would descend into what we’ve got going on today. Collectively, it’s what we let happen. You can’t judge people, bro.