Weimerica Films Presents: The Makeover

Greetings backwards country bumpkins! You probably don’t reside in Northern Virginia. It’s a land of high culture where people earn justifiably lavish salaries doing honest and productive tasks for our wise government. Immigration has enabled it to nullify the opinions of everyone else in the state. That’s obviously a great development because everybody here is in touch with reality to an extent that you troglodytes in the hinterlands could never understand. If there’s a single place in the USA that doesn’t deserve to have a sinkhole-to-hell open up underneath it, NOVA would certainly be it.

You’ll probably be too busy stinking up Walmart to attend the Alexandria Film Festival next month. That’s too bad because you’re going to miss out on a heartwarming documentary called The Makeover. According to the subject of the film, Giselle Donnelly, “it’s just a regular love story with a BDSM, cross-dressing context.” Although formerly 65 years old in man age, Giselle had the miracle of being “born” just this year. This is according to the Washington Post, a publication of unquestionable integrity.

Formerly Thomas Donnelly, she’s a Resident Fellow in Defense and National Security at the American Enterprise Institute. She’s done everything from promoting righteous foreign interventions on behalf of Lockheed Martin to advising our government on doing things that were in your best interest. Her work has been featured in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal.

From 1999-2002, she served as the Deputy Executive Director of the Project for the New American Century. In this role, she had the distinction of being one of the few Goyim formulating the brilliant strategy of invading Iraq in order to improve the strategic situation for Israel. To her eternal credit, this proved to be a brilliant idea. Perhaps you even had the honor of serving as cannon fodder in this righteous conflict.

As many sane and healthy men sometimes do, Thomas arrived at the conclusion that he’s actually a woman who’s quite fond of being flogged and humiliated. Apparently this transition was helped along by a new wife named Beth, with whom he shares “a love of national security, wine, gender fluidity and BDSM.” You see, low people like yourselves simply cannot grasp the level of class it takes to enjoy crawling around on all-fours with a ball gag in your mouth while someone beats you with a riding crop. I doubt you even possess the sophistication to view this 2 minute preview clip of the film and still eat dinner. You’d best stick with your prole recreational pursuits like watching wrasslin’.

Not that it would matter to toothless hillbillies, but it takes a great deal of intelligence to appreciate alternative identities. Maybe put down your Bible and stop gazing at chem trails for just 2 minutes and 39 seconds to let the BBC educate you on the connection between transgenderism and quantum physics. They’ve got a gorgeous “British-Iraqi, gay, non-binary and also identify as Muslim” person-thing to explain it to you. Glamrou doesn’t speak very slowly so that may be a problem.

Were you even aware there’s no fixed reality?