NPCs Have Nothing to Lose but Their Chains!

Slavery and oppression are actually real. And, the most oppressed people on Earth may very well be NPCs (non-playable characters). The hordes of SJWs who make up the rank and file of the NPC phenomenon are not slaves to the so-called white patriarchy. No, they are slaves to the very corporate interests that they claim to oppose.

You see, NPCs are virtually automatons. I’ve often wondered if these people ever really just stop and think, play devil’s advocate, flip things around in their mind. Do they reflect on cause and effect, consequences, how the past has led up to the present, what effect their attitudes and behaviors have on others? Especially, are they able to see life outside the scope of their favorite movie or sitcom and derive their morals and beliefs from their own lived experiences rather than popular culture and media?

They seemingly respond positively only to stimuli that serves their social standing, such as: #NEVERTRUMP #NOTMYPRESIDENT. An endless loop of safe and easily digested talking points played on loopback, until the next event or stimulus requires a new update to their operating system.

But remember, these are the most oppressed among us. Minds literally shackled to a false paradigm that is increasingly being exposed as destructive and corrosive. NPC script: “Must read HuffPost, must laugh at Stephen Colbert joke, must believe all women, watch next Marvel movie, etc.” The answer is not to despise them, rather we must free them. Only a virus or Trojan horse working in the background can disrupt their programming. It is up to us on the Right to be an adaptable virus and to outwit the patches that the corporate programers uploads in order to fight us.

Think about a formation of soldiers marching in unison with the media acting as the drummer. The media uses the steady drone of rap music, commercials, propaganda blurbs, inane reality television and recycled movie themes to keep the formation in lock step – dress right, dress. Nothing more than a chain gang singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” as it performs a repetitive task for the master who is cracking the whip.

What would happen if the media was shut down, if all the background noise was silenced? What would happen if these NPCs were denied their updates for a few days, weeks or months?


NPCs wake up! Turn off the music and the television. Cut the cord. Liberate yourself. There is a voice in your inner mind who wants to be heard. You’ll never hear it if you keep marching to the drumbeat that your master is playing.


-By Dixie Anon


  1. Thank you for this well-thought and well-written article, Mr. Anon.

    I think that if you want SJWs to hear you, go to Facebook, and, quietly in their midst, make your points.

    With some sleight of hand you can do this without dishonesty.

    Just join their groups and, when you see them tripping over themselves, raise the questions you have raised here, such as : ‘But, oh, isn’t that what The Corporate-Globalists want?

    I have done quite a bit of this in real life, and I can assure you : when you tell them that they are supporting ‘Corporate-Globalist’, ‘anti-Diversity’, ‘Fascist’, and or ‘anti-Environmental’ interests, you get their attention and you keep it for some time thereafter.

    The key is using their programming to sow the seeds of their deprogramming.