Pathologized Helplessness

I first happened upon the work of psychologist (((Itzhak Fried))), Syndrome E, when I was watching a video on the psychology of The Punisher after musing that, given a conditionally evil society, the actions of Frank Castle were inherently moral.

The paper is, of course, chock full of the usual Holocaust horror photos and the normal psychotic ramblings designed to “prevent” another holocaust. The “symptoms” of syndrome E are as follows.

Repetitive Acts of Violence

The hallmark of the syndrome is the perpetration of repetitive acts of violence. The individual engages in stereotyped rendition of aggression, characterized by compulsion to spare none of the victims.

Why spare “victims” who attack you? If they are guilty, doesn’t it defeat the purpose? As for repetitive acts of violence, this is a description of any professional soldier from any era of human existence. Yet another “Everybody is insane but us. We’re certainly not the insane ones” justification of the sheer insanity of our age. We wouldn’t call the historic response of Americans to Indian incursions on our settlements insane. We wouldn’t call our response to Islamic incursions on our European home insane. But, to defend yourself against an aggressive foe is simply unacceptable, evidently.

Rapid Habituation

In the early stages of the syndrome, there is rapid habituation to acts of violence. While some report strain with initial homicidal activity, especially toward children and women, most individuals undergo desensitization within a relatively short time.

Translation: modern feminized society has made pussies out of people. For fuck’s sake, most people project human emotions onto animals. Most people are incapable of killing an animal to survive. But, given the right conditions (starvation), they will, and it will get easier. Likewise, given the right conditions (the impending death of yourself and everything good in the world), they will, and it will get easier. Again, soldiers from the beginning of time to today adjust psychology to killing.


Individuals conduct activities calling for seemingly conflicting cognitive states. They may lead a normal family life, while in parallel engaging in killing of families.

How could you possibly execute a pedophile, knowing he had a mother and a father? How could you hold oligarchs and their families who have profited from misery responsible while loving your own family? You cannot be self-interested, goyim. Only (((we))) can act violently and not be contradictory in caring for our own. In fairness, Jews believe all acts of violence against others are justified on the basis of self-preservation, so I suppose it isn’t a contradiction in their minds.

Tons of criminals have families. The crocodile tears of the Brown and Martin families don’t move me or anybody who means anything. More the tragedy they didn’t join their progeny. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Good men hate bad men. Good men love their families. There’s no contradiction.

Obsessive Ideation

Individuals are obsessed with a set of beliefs, often directed against a minority group. The combination of repetitive stereotyped acts accompanied by recurring ideation resembles the symptoms and signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Metaphors such as “cleansing” are often used to justify violence.

The paper specifically mentions “individuals are obsessed with a set of beliefs, often directed against a minority group…metaphors such as ‘cleansing'” are often used to justify violence. Of course, this being weaponized psychology, it’s taken for granted that the minority group is undeserving of such negative attention and that violence against them is therefore justified. Also assumed is that dedication to one’s ideals is wrong. I’d imagine Rebbe Fried would beat a hasty rhetorical retreat if you asked him if that applied to concepts like racism, social justice, sexism, and overall equality. This symptom is possibly the worst in that it seeks to pathologize the ability to identify an injustice against you and who is responsible for it and the willingness to do something about it. Life is full of meaningless suffering and chaos. Don’t probe at what wounds you, your family and your society. Figuring out what ails you is simply the path to hatred. If you believe in justice, truth, and/or Christ, you’re the victim of obsessive ideation.

Group Contagion

The group environment is necessary for maintenance of the syndrome and for its propagation. Most individuals in the group respond uniformly to sets of stimuli, and the responses of individuals in the group serves as stimuli for other individuals.

It’s important to note Fried originally pitched this paper as an explanation for your “mass murderer” types like Ed Gein, people who generally work alone and tend to be isolated. Of course, this is another way of saying that the worst thing individual white men, who recognize the modern world is shit and blame Jews for the state of society, can do is to get together and validate each others’ individual observations of reality. And, of course, such “groupthink” conclusions are always fallacious and incongruous with reality. Except the constant enforcement of societal norms through the system. The great irony is that they’re the ones who need a system of stimuli to maintain and propagate their views. The truth tells itself, so long as there is somebody brave enough to speak it.

Diminished Affective Reactivity

Much of the violence perpetrated by individuals is carried out, not in battlefield frenzy nor in burst of emotion, but with flat effect.

If you can kill without remorse, you are evil. This flies in the face of the concept of “justice” which demands, when death is the punishment, that there can be no remorse for the individual killed. Which sane individual (women excluded, after all, I said sane) could feel bad for a dying pedophile? For the Rosenbergs? For Trotsky? The comedy here is that Fried is petitioning you to feel bad for people like this on the basis of their humanity while saying people like Frank Castle, N.B. Forrest, George Lincoln Rockwell, or any other men who launch a crusade against (((self-interested people))) are evil and ignoring their humanity. What could possibly be a more transparent declaration of “us=good, you=bad” in the Talmudic mind?


The repetitive nature of violent acts often invokes a sense of Rausch (elation) according to the number of victims and the magnitude of destruction.

Doesn’t everybody feel happy when they believe they’re making the world a better place? The other things mentioned are irritability and generally being on edge. Such things are, again, common for a soldier. Agitation is a product of living beyond the wire. Satisfaction is a product of seeing justice done.

Intact Language, Memory, and Problem-solving Skills

Individuals affected by the syndrome usually appear intellectually sound and remain intact in cognitive domains such as language, memory, and the ability to plan and solve problems.

In other words, it could be the goyim next door. Yes, he might seem sane, but he isn’t. Because he thinks it would be no great tragedy if the local heroin dealer was found with his skull caved in. Because he fears the world his kids will grow up in and he can tell you why he wouldn’t lose sleep if the pornographers all suffered simultaneous aneurysms.

Environmental Dependency

Behavior is abnormally dependent on environment and context, which determine the borders of the behavioral compartments described above. Obedience to authority and dependency on group support are examples.

“Depending on anything as a basis for morality except the political and psychological brainwashing we have delivered to you is immoral and insane, goyim.”

Jewish psychology is at once an exercise in irrationality and pilpul. To consider seriously anything about (((psychology))) demands one must accept all claims at face value and not pry any deeper than their superficial implications. This is why Proud Goys and other fools waste their time trying to apply the logic of psychology and other Jewish inventions to the Left. Of course, it’s hypocritical. It’s a rhetorical tool and a brainwashing contingency, not a comprehensive, rational, and logical worldview. Worse, it’s phrased in the accusative tone, as if it presumes the right to condemn you and it is you who must justify yourself and the world around you. And of course, any attempts to justify yourself are viewed as irrelevant and utterly unreliable attempts on behalf of a guilty party.

I do believe in pointing out the double standard. Unlike the Soft Right, I don’t believe in making the Left live up to its own rules. I believe in tossing the whole rotten book out.