The Great Warrior Squaw

Many many moons ago, four years after the Great White Chief from Missouri rained fire upon the Pacific Sun nation to end the Great Second War of the Bearded Tribe, a papoose princess destined for greatness was born in the western lands of the Cherokee Nation.

She was gifted with 1/1024th warrior spirit from her mother’s clan. The elder tribesmen knew it was so, for the wolves howled in unison on the night she exited her mother’s womb. Though her warrior spirit was a fraction of her earthly flesh, in her mind she was of the great eagle who soared across the sky giving birth to fertile soil and causing rains to fall upon the fruitful land.

One day, upon the eve of the red river that flows in the female valley, she swore to herself that her destiny was to live among the pale man and learn the pale man’s ways. For the pale man know not the ways of the red woman with blond hair and blue eyes, and she would do much good by learning the laws of the bearded ones and teaching them to their children.

Upon obtaining a formal education in the white man’s ways, the Chief of the Harvard tribe accepted her into his wigwam and she began to teach young warriors and squaws the white man’s law, while also teaching them the ways of the Cherokee. A great service to her Nation she performed.

Her work was of such importance that she rose among the pale face elders and obtained a position in the Supreme Council, where she served with 49 other great warriors and squaws. Many laws she did help to create to weaken the power of the white man. Red chiefs do not understand the ways of the white man, for we do not value weakness as such does he.

But in the 2016th sun cycle after the birth of the Nazarene prophet who preached on the shores of Galilee, a Great Orange Chief rose among the white men, and the Great Cherokee Warrior Squaw was summoned to oppose him.

With fierce tomahawk and sharpened arrow she declared war on Great Orange Chief. But Great Orange Chief was strong, and her arrows only made him stronger.

Two more sun cycles passed and her legitimacy among the Cherokee tribe was called into question. As was prophesied long ago, our people rejected her, but this matters not, for she carries 1/1024th of the warrior spirit in her mind if not her flesh.

Two more sun cycles await and the Great Eagle will again sweep across the lands, and the final war between the Great Orange Chief and the Great Warrior Squaw will unfold. It is her destiny.

-By Dixie Anon