The Case for Dixie’s Independence

Why does Dixie deserve to be free? Why does the South have every justification to “Rise Again?” It is of no secret that the Left hates Dixie and her people. We are at the receiving end of every bit of criticism and cultural genocide they have to offer. They want us dead and gone, plain and simple. Unlike the South, the rest of America has pushed non-stop leftist ideologies against the world with Dixie standing in the way of every bit of it. This is simply more than just an ideological difference, but is instead an ethno-religio-historical battle that has been waged since before the founding of the country.

We came from different places, settled America differently, practiced different religions, fought the Revolution for different reasons and have consistently interpreted the Constitution differently. Throughout American history, Dixie has always been at odds with the rest of the country. Dixians were the last holdouts against this genocidal leftist regime and have withstood the brunt of every leftist push within Western society. Southerners deserve their own place among the nations, their own place among the truly recognizable ethnic groups and cultures. They’ve withstood so much and have still managed to maintain a true identity, culture and ethnic background. This essay will seek to justify the reasoning why Dixie deserves its own place and recognition among the nations by means of displaying the ethnic, historical, and cultural background of Dixians, as well as, the unending and constant berating of the Yankee Left and the genocide they have in store for Southerners.

Dixie has quite the unique history and cultural development in comparison to the rest of America. The colonization of Dixie differs greatly from that of the rest of the country. It was the first place England began colonizing and was comprised mostly of settlers and people seeking fortune in the New World. They were typically Anglican, but many more Protestant denominations moved in later in history. Unlike the North’s version of American history, the original settlers of Dixie were not Puritans and pilgrims seeking to transform North America or escape religious persecution.

Dixie also was quick to capitalize on its sub-tropical climate and rich soil by implementing the Caribbean-style plantation system that it would then use to make great gains in wealth via an agrarian economy. As a result of this plantation system, Dixie also managed to form a true aristocracy and high culture and was the only place in all of America to ever actually have one. This permanently instilled Southerners with the mindset of hierarchy and “good manners” and chivalry, a characteristic that continued on even after the War of Northern Aggression, but has faded greatly because of Yankee occupation. The North had none of this. Following Yankee Imperialism, the South has begun to lose its culture and its entire history has been rewritten to make us the villains. Any discussion of the South’s unique history is glossed over with pilgrims and New England Puritans and all of its once unique and proud culture has been brushed aside as racist and “muh slavery.” It’s simplistic, but very effective.

A modern depiction of what was once a beautiful and good.

Dixie also has managed to maintain a distinct ethnic background in comparison to the rest of America. While most of America is populated with whites that are descended of the various German/Italian/Irish immigrants that moved here and began expanding West during the 1800s, Dixie managed to maintain a starkly Scotch-Irish genetic makeup in Appalachia and the founding stock English WASP ethnic makeup in the lowland South. How else could anyone explain why Southern Belles are known for their good looks?! This had an enormous impact on Dixie’s cultural development and would ensure that Dixie maintained an identity due to everyone there being tied to the land and not just being a rootless immigrant or transplant. This is mostly in part because of the isolation and poverty Dixie faced following the War of Northern Aggression. Unfortunately, the North has seen fit to unleash an unending wave of immigrants and carpetbagging transplants on the South, destroying all of its culture, ethnic distinctness and history at once. Despite all of that and the North’s attempts to delegitimize it, are Dixian people are a unique people in the world.

Though we may differ on historic, cultural and ethnic levels, the most troubling thing about losing that distinction to the North is the intense animosity and hatred Northerners have for Dixie. They don’t want to simply live in a society with us; they want us dead and gone. This can be most easily viewed through their constant negative portrayals of us in the media. They have been doing this since the Antebellum Period and have continued to get worse as time passes on. The one and only show that cast Dixians in a positive light was The Dukes of Hazzard, and the Yankees have removed it from TV.

The worst aspect of their hostility towards us is the current wave of carpetbagging that has been hitting the South for the past decade. This has imported their condescending, Puritan mentality right next door and has allowed them, along with their third world immigrant pets, to totally destroy our cities. We Dixians don’t even occupy our cities anymore!

These carpetbaggers have been at the forefront of every Confederate monument removal across Dixie. The Silent Sam fiasco was carried out by Yankee students attending UNC. The possibility of the Lee statue’s removal in Charlottesville, Virginia was endorsed almost entirely by Yankees. The Dallas Lee monument removal and Florida monument removals were all backed by Yankees. In New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu removed the monuments while the non-Southerners sang the praises. In the various acts of renaming high schools, the school boards are always Yankees transplants. At Ole Miss, the student body desperately desires the return of Colonel Reb and the Mississippi Flag, but the carpetbagging staff simply brushes them off. In case after case, these transplants move into these areas, often with the intention of exploiting Dixie’s lower cost of living, and begin deconstructing them while spewing hatred for the native Southerners. As these people take over the cities, they always move to the left and always begin destroying the Southern history and culture that has defined those areas.

Much of this extends from the imperialistic Puritan condescending attitude that plague the Yankee people. Much of it extends from their inherited Puritan desire to remake the New World in their own image. While it has shifted from a communistic, spiritual sentiment to an atheistic and anti-white sentiment, the pursuit of ideological subjugation has not ceased. They condemned us for slavery, calling us un-Christian for a practice that the Bible has not condemned. They condemned us for opposing the tyrannical occupation of the Reconstruction government. They condemned us as un-Christian and hateful for Jim Crow and the imposition of God’s natural laws of boundaries and regulations of miscegenation.

Now, they condemn us for wishing to preserve ourselves from the third wave of Reconstruction that they have unleashed upon us. This time, their ultimate goal is the total eradication of the Southern people. We are the only region of the country, or the world for that matter, to deal a black eye to the government, to oppose them effectively as a political bloc following Reconstruction, to oppose their demographic replacement of our people (yeah, Dixie was the only region to oppose the 1965 Immigration Act), to oppose the enforcement of anti-Christian laws, to oppose the multicultural agenda and to oppose every major leftist push within America. We even make up around half of the US military. They need us out of the way in order to achieve the Marxist plans they have in store for the rest of our society. They have pushed policy after policy upon the South, at the threat of the bayonet, in order to destroy us. All of this is being done from the position of proclaimed moral superiority.

Behold the love your “fellow Americans” have for you.

There can be no coexistence with these people. Their hatred for our history, culture, unique ethnic background and opposition to their views have driven the Yankees to the point of calls for genocide. They will stop at nothing to see us removed from the annals of history. They will stop at nothing to remake the South in their own image. They use the exact same policies that the Soviet Bolsheviks used: demographic replacement via immigration, the oppression of Christians, the destruction of the native Eastern European cultures (in this case Dixie’s culture), and the killing of any man with enough intestinal fortitude to resist them (in our society they ruin your life).

I have only one last thing to say to anyone sympathetic to the Southern people, but still believe that Dixie should remain in the Union. How can you possibly overlook their hatred for us and still believe we should stay here? How can you ignore the unnecessary war crimes waged against us during that unjustified War so many years ago? How can you ignore Reconstruction’s oppressive nature. How can you honestly look at the violence against us during the Civil Rights Era, all of which was spurned on by the Yankee media? How could you possibly see the constant smearing and vile hatred leaving the mouths of the Yankees that now move here in droves and destroy our cities, yet brush it off as nothing?

Dixian, your “fellow American” wants you dead. Our only means of preservation are to have our own country. It is our only means of survival. If you can really look at all of this and still believe that we should stay within the Union, you truly are Reconstructed.

Will you accept their plans for you, or will you stand up for your people as your ancestors once did?

-By Joe WASP


  1. Very interesting, as well as thought-provoking.

    I would add that we, as Southrons, must become political. And I do not mean Dem or GOP political, but SOUTHRON POLITICAL. IMHO, we MUST form a political party of Southrons, by Southrons, and for Southrons, in order to mount an offensive against future and further usurpations by Yankee intrusion.

    I understand fully that this is a daunting task. Nevertheless, it is one that, I believe, must come to pass, as neither of the major political parties hold us to be anything more than inbred, hillbilly trash.

    WE ARE NOT!! We are the last bastion of defense against White genocide and extinction.

    Will we stand, or fall?

    I vow to stand.

  2. Here’s to our future, our nation, dear Dixie,

    Brave men so proud, fair maidens so pretty.

    Our land so long conquered shall someday be free,

    And we’ll keep Her forever, our dear land, Dixie!