Fatherhood and the Cause

Five months ago, I found myself in the same boat many of our best men have sailed, holding five tiny fingers in my hand, all of them not even the size of my index finger. Up to that point, I knew I had a duty to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children, but it wasn’t until this delicate creature reached out to me that the full meaning of the phrase was driven home. Now, after getting used to sleepless nights and a house that never quite smells the way it used to, I’ve been pushing myself back into the rhythm of regular activism. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Take a good hard look in the mirror before going back to saving our future. If you can’t honestly call yourself a man upon whom others can rely, you need to take some time to get yourself in order. Lift heavy objects, read a big book, go to church, whatever it takes to make sure YOU are a person worth service to your people. Look not only at your character, but also at your schedule. Everybody has time for activism of some sort or another, but the level to which you can work may not be as high as you want to set it. Be realistic with how much time you can spend on activism, being sure not to neglect time spent at home with your new family.

After a long look at your situation, chances are you’ll be ready to get started on a project. I’d recommend printing flyers, be them for Identity Dixie, League of the South, or whatever group you’ve aligned yourself with. Being a member of the National Alliance, there are a number of high quality designs available for printing at www.NatAll.com/flyers. I’ll generally keep 100 to 200 on hand in my car, and drop them in places white folks are likely to see them. One good place is the meat cases at your local supermarket. Another is the public park. Having flyers on hand will keep your motivation up to pass them out.

Something that can’t be overstated is to start slowly. Perhaps just take a flyer with you once a day as you go about your daily errands and drop it when it’s convenient. Maybe you’ll sit down and hash out an article for Identity Dixie. Any way you do it, remember to put one foot in front of the other, so as not to run before you’re walking. If you do too much too quickly, you’ll fall flat on your face, and then the rest of us probably won’t hear from you until you can get over the inevitable crash.

My final piece of advice is to stay in touch. Having an infant at home makes a man treasure his time alone jealously, and it’s easy to want to just sit down on the couch at the end of a long day with a cold beer and shut your mind off. However, you should take a little time when you get a chance and call a friend. We’re all wondering how you’re doing.


  1. Great advice! There truly is nothing that compares with the realization that you have become a father. Thank you for the insightful article and the levelheaded way you present it. Congratulations, my friend.