The Monster In The Floor

Substance abuse has always been an issue. When I was in high school, I worked renovating old houses. Lots of old homes, especially in the Victorian style, have rooms that are smaller than modern tastes and unfinished 3rd floors that could be converted into dwelling spaces.

When you start pulling things up and breaking through lath and plaster, it’s easy to tell that whoever built it the first time around was drunk. They’d even leave what I’d assume would be valuable tools, like hand-cranked drills. Obviously, folks have been drinking since time immemorial.

I really like beer. So, while I don’t drink every day, I do get it. One reason I don’t imbibe with daily regularity is that I have great things going on that I’d like to keep going on. What if somebody doesn’t? There seems to be a lot of them now. This is not in the deracinated, atomized consumer sense. They’ve got their Nintendo Switch to induce that glory-hole face. Not everybody can just settle in and enjoy the dystopia.

YouTube basically has unlimited clips from a show I like to watch called Live PD. I’ve been drinking beer and enjoying COPS for years. Now that I’m free from my TV, it’s a good substitute. Some are hilarious, but lately I’ve seen enough depressing stuff to desist from this activity.

There’s clips of triple OD’s from opioids, stuff like that. What struck me was one I saw of this lady in Clark County, Indiana. The officer was very friendly and professional with her. He noted before arriving that “she has a history of drug use” and “last time we dealt with her she was dead on the floor until we, uh revived her with narcan.” Heroine and meth, the modern hallmarks of lives amiss.

Basically, this time around she was only tweaking out of her mind. “My boyfriend he got caught cheatin’ on me then he’s been hidin’ in the floor.” Something about Family Dollar. She assured that the meth was out of her system. Of course, nobody was there but her cat.

What grates on me is that I’ve yet to reach 40, but I can remember when I could’ve never imagined this horrible stuff. The problem is twofold. The first is that we’ve got an open border and unlimited supply of everything. Everybody’s in on it from the Mexicans to the Chinese.

The second is that once people get deprived of decent jobs, stable families and communities follow. It’s not a coincidence that between when NAFTA was signed in 1994 and today, the problems have exploded. According to Leo Gerard, International President of United Steelworkers, 56,000 factories were shipped out in the first decade of this century alone.

A job at a manufacturing facility that can support a family, offers paid vacation time, medical benefits and a pension can’t be replaced by a job stocking shelves at Walmart. That’s only the case in government statistics. Sure, some can turn to their vidiot games, but many just get rudderless and bereft of hope even if they can’t diagnose what’s troubling themselves psychologically.

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  1. I watched the linked to clip. It is sad to see a White woman like that from meth. With Clark County being part of the Louisville Metro area, there is plenty of crime, drugs, and Negroes. And, a Hepatitis outbreak earlier this year, probably from drug users, that they are trying to get contained before fast food workers start spreading it.