Put On The Glasses!

Followers of ID (identitydixie.com) are mostly overlapping in ideals and values, and see the world through a particular set of political, moral and ethical lenses. We are only human, however, and take some things for granted. Surely, if we simple folk from the South and other scattered locales can see the truth, the man behind the curtain and whatnot, others will follow when we show them….right? Bueller….Bueller?

The truth of the matter is that apathy has gripped the normie, for we already know the Marxist Left and Dissident Right fringes are unreachable – we’re already here, we can’t go back to normieland. Once flexible minds have been stiffened by the rigidity of overwhelmingly partisan echo chambers or normie rigor mortis, they intellectually fellate each other or continue in hibernation. How can this be? How can the fairly untainted mind of our neighbors be incapable of swallowing the redpill? Allow me to propose a likelihood to you.

If there is nothing I enjoy more, its co-opting the work of (((them))) as a means of awakening others on the journey to rejecting modern degeneracy. Case in point, the work of Dr. Martin Seligman. In the 1960’s, he conducted a study on the concept of Learned Helplessness. TL;DR: Using dogs subjected to electric shocks, he found that eventually they would learn they couldn’t escape the shocks, even if the conditions would allow escape. They felt that outcomes were uncontrollable. They resigned themselves to being helpless. It’s a fascinating study, but lets apply it to the fence-sitters.

Our normie friends have been subjected to a steady stream of sewage Pop Culture America controlled by elitists in Hollywood and given a slanted worldview courtesy of the Fourth Estate. They can see the logic in our words, but they have been so accustomed to being beaten down for pointing out the inconsistencies in the Narrative. We have reached the point where it’s safer to keep your head down and not make waves. We are no better than the dogs in Seligman’s experiment.

Implore vigorously of your milquetoast compatriots, make them understand that there is a way to make a difference, to build tribe and influence. Keep it local, establish a foothold in the community to allow for our traditions to endure in perpetuity. They only see the enormity of the mountain of society, while not realizing that even the smallest trickle of freedom and tradition, can slowly form a chasm to separate us from the rest of the cursed national landscape.

Apathy and a lack of belief in the righteousness of the cause are not mutually inclusive, the more allies we can groom and mentor for roles in our movement, the better. Learn how to tailor the approach to the individual, and when the time is right, make them “put on the glasses.”

-By Mr. Lee