A Time for Introspection

I was perusing the news last week when I came across a story about how an experiment with the Large Hadron Collider could potentially create a black hole that crushes the entire planet into something the size of a soccer field.

Cosmic calamity.” Whew. I’ve had my car crushed by an errant tractor-trailer driven by Pedro (Probably? He also fled the scene. Consistent with their behavior.) on I-95, but being sucked into a black hole is a scenario I just don’t care to entertain. There’s only so much that’s healthy to fret over.

One facet of life I’ve come to appreciate is that in terms of sanity, a man’s own is all that falls within his purview. Getting upset about a deficit of said quality in others is a sure way to deprive himself of something valuable.

Why do some people contemplate their personal appearance and decide that a hog ring would constitute an enhancement? I don’t really know or make an attempt to do so. All I think of is a wood chipper and my mental peace remains undisturbed.

In terms of my own sanity, the outdoors and exercise are also necessary for it’s preservation. So, after my morning reading, I went for a bike ride. My attitude towards this type of endeavor is generally, “I ain’t got time to bleed.” Of course, I didn’t pack the accouterments such as a spare tire that a more prepared rider would carry. I certainly didn’t bring my damn phone.

As I was going up a steep hill midway through my ride, the front tire went flat. So, there’s only one way that me and the bike were getting home. Pick it up, and get to walking. A leisurely ride turned into my own personal strongman competition. Up the hills, down the hills and up again. It struck me as a kind of a metaphor for civilization. Hopefully, we’re on the downward slope and up is the next direction. Eventually, someone gave me a ride.

Despite the fact that it required more exertion than I’d bargained for, slowing down made me appreciate the scenery on the route much more than I’d do when flying by on two wheels. There’s good things to appreciate in everyone’s life, so it’s best to focus on those rather than getting yourself worked up about the insanity going on. If you can’t learn to handle it now, just wait. The only thing is that it’s sure to reach a fever pitch as a host of other financial, economic, demographic and environmental problems come into play. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Doesn’t mean the world’s coming to an end, but it won’t be a smooth ride either.

You are not the last sane man on Earth. There’s actually a multitude of us. Most just have to keep their mental stability confidential because they have a job. Get to know guys in our movement. It makes for a much better Saturday than vapid talk with a bunch of people capable of sleepwalking through life without realizing something serious is amiss.

Sadly, we can’t spend all of our lives on our own plantations. Necessity requires us to get out there and interact with the possessed. When you do, it’s best not to stare into the abyss lest it stares back at you. Get your mental strategy prepared. It’s probably different for each person. I’ve heard the tropical beach idea many times, but that just doesn’t give me the comfort of my wood chipper.

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