From Charitable Organizations to Colonies

It seems as if different organizations in the Dissident Right wax and wane in popularity, or notoriety, as often as the seasons change. As soon as one particular group gets too large, or a cult of personality becomes too popular, they seem to implode on themselves. I feel as though folks get too caught up in the moment, or organizations have too many chiefs and not enough Indians, and get pulled apart by infighting or scandal.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of organizations seem to have no clear purpose, which hurts their staying power and muddles their messaging. Everyone wants to demonstrate, or get banners and propaganda up, but nothing with any deeper meaning. I’ve always felt the best way to get your message out is via public outreach through charity and helping our community. I’ve never heard of any right-wing organization that has utilized this tool to any degree of success in North America.

An organization should be either created, or an existing organization like the League of the South (although, their image may be too tarnished at this point) should take up this mantle. It’s been discussed before, but this organization should collect dues and put them to good use. We should start with food drives or provide winter clothing and school supplies for poor Southern and Appalachian Whites. Instead of Habitat for Humanity, who mainly seem to cater to blacks for free housing, we should help repair old and dilapidated houses for our elderly population. Through public outreach and charity, we can grow our numbers while making a difference in our community.

As this organization grows through membership and income (through dues and donations), it can begin to make an even bigger impact. Through a vast network in the South, we can begin to find jobs for unemployed members, issue grants for young men to go to trade school and learn a decent trade – ultimately, so our men can become self-sufficient. If our young men can support themselves and a family, our membership will grow organically.

As more of our men become tradesmen and our organic communities around them become larger and more prosperous, we can send our youth to law and medical schools; this will help them become truly sufficient colonies. I’m sure these ideas have been thought and tried before, but I feel it needs to be reiterated and done on a larger and more successful scale now. Our time is running out.

It’s not guaranteed that Trump will win in 2020 and the Left can easily surprise us and take power. You better believe a government with them at the helm will put full boot on our necks. The time to plan for our future is now. The time to get off the sidelines and participate is now.

Deo Vindice

-By Kenward Jenkins

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  1. Agreed.We must unabashedly say we are helping OUR race and not be cowed.Everyone in power boldly speaks of how this or that affects Jews,Blacks,Hispanics,etc,only Whites are not allowed the God given right to care for,be proud of and continue their race.But by God’s power we shall defy them and do it anyway.I always think in terms of race just like the other races do,but unfortunately many of our fellow Whites are too brainwashed to think in terms of their own interests.Other races are encouraged to have racial pride yet Whites are barred from doing so.I say damn the Jew controllers and damn the traitors and fools because our day is coming soon and no one can stop us.Never give up.