We Must Have a Free Dixie

Living under a cultural occupation is horrible. Yes, we Southerners are living under a cultural and, sometimes, even military occupation (whenever we refuse to play their game). Just think about it. Our state laws and local rulings are constantly being overturned by a far off government in Washington D.C. According to the mainstream, the state laws of the entire 50 states can simply be reversed by the ruling of federal judges. It doesn’t even matter whether the same court has made previous decisions affirming your law, if social norms have been slightly changed and perverted by the controlled lying press, there go your state laws (see Bostic v. Schaefer).

For decades federal courts and activist judges have been chipping away at the moral fabric of the South, along with the entire country, while the media changes the public’s opinion through mass brainwashing and indoctrination (who would have thought even some of the public would be okay with trannies reading to school children?). This devious combination has led the South and the U.S. into becoming the next Weimar Republic. Our rights are constantly at risk due to dangerous minority pressure groups who are quickly becoming the majority thanks to media brainwashing and mass immigration (both legal and illegal) into the country. People who previously would have laughed out of the commons, left to the elements or thrown in the loony bin now hold full power in our society. If these bottom feeding scum even raise their voice once against us, even without evidence, we face losing our livelihoods or risk imprisonment. These people are given more rights than your average White Southerner and these reprobates are hell bent on taking our rights away. Godless drug pumping sexual degenerates have been elevated to the height of hero-hood, while White Christian families like the Duggar’s are castigated. We are living in Clown World.

What is the solution to Clown World? God is, for starters. If Clown World is defeated it will be through an iron-willed determination to utterly crush this rampant degeneracy that flourishes in the streets of America. We must restore our Southern way of life. The cancer of moral relativism must be cut out of our society like the cancer it is. Only the South is willing to do this. To accomplish this goal, we must become independent. The American Empire is the greatest ally to the hellish plague of degeneracy. The Union with Yankees is to blame. The subversive media is also to blame. We can no longer consider ourselves good ole Americans.

But, we are the true Americans in the original sense of the word. Our ancestors founded this country, conquered and beat back the native savages and whipped the British Crown – but, we aren’t living in 1776. Washington is no longer our president. The Union doesn’t respect our rights. Common sense local laws protecting the races was ended by bayonet and the gavel. Any benefit of a union with states like California and New England is gone. Why remain united? So we can have Yankee politicians further break down what remains of our values? So we can have some federal judge demand that we remove our 10 Commandments plaque at a county courthouse? So we can have these federal judges incentivize single motherhood and allow for the murder of millions of innocent babies, while constantly interfering in the legal execution of proven killers? So we can have our borders invaded by hundreds of trespassers? So the violence of antifa can be ignored?

Where’s the benefit? Why not secession, haven’t we tried everything else? We’ve tried reform, we’ve tried third party, we’ve even tried switching parties and it never works. It doesn’t work because the whole system has been rigged against us since 1865. We aren’t playing on an even playing field. We can never take over the Empire. The Swamp is too thick and the last tangible effort to clean it out was when Jubal Early tried to march on Washington in 1864. Despite this, there is still hope on the local and state level, although it’s going to be tough and will require the determination of all real Southerners. The goal must always be a Free Dixie.

Once we control our states, we must break loose of the Empire. We don’t need them. Furthermore, the clock is running. We only have a little time left to take back our states through elections. Minus a complete collapse of the federal government, I’d estimate our window of opportunity is less than a decade. Once Trump leaves office, or fails in 2020, you can count on the Democrats’ lust for vengeance. They already have managed to cripple the populist movement and block most of Trump’s positive decisions. Anything positive he’s done so far will only be overturned once the radical leftists take Congress and the Presidency. Unlike the GOP, they aren’t afraid to overturn and ignore the law whenever it suits them.

So, Southern man, you have two choices: Secession and Southern independence or Union and destruction. Choose Wisely.


  1. Southern independence is the only choice.We face annihilation and Hell on Earth as our race,Lord and culture are mocked and perverted.To break free is truly our ONLY option.Great article.God bless you.