Ramming the Dissident Right: The Federal Justice System Picks a Side

If anything should tell you that you do not live in a country with an equitable application of justice, yesterday’s indictment of four leaders of the California-based Rise Above Movement (RAM) should provide enough evidence.

Described as a “militant white-supremacist organization based in Southern California” by the US Department of Justice, RAM is hardly close to that characterization.  Rather, they are a group that is traditionally conservative, seeking to improve the lives of young White Males, by engaging in activities that strengthen the mind and body.  They are the antithesis of every meme that complains of the slovenly, effeminate White Male depicted in movies, television programs and advertisements over the past two generations.   They advocate physical strength, personal discipline and continued education. In many ways, RAM shares many of the same characteristics as the Nation of Islam – minus the U.S. Government support and obvious color differences.  Their message for self-improvement and desire for a White Christian ethno-state is not illegal.  Yet, here we are.

Like many members of the Dissident Right, RAM attended the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally in August 2017.  They participated in the events before and during that fateful event.  They had a permit to attend a legally assembled rally.  As we now know through an independent review, the Charlottesville Police, the State Police, and both the municipal and state governments had different plans.  They crushed the Court Ordered liberties of the Dissident Right – opening the streets to violent chaos clearly orchestrated by the Radical Marxist Left.

Needless to say, had a bunch of right-wingers walked into a town, listened to a few speeches and were allowed to return home, there would never have been any violence.  Instead, the political Right – armed with the legal authority to attend their own rally – was physically assaulted upon entry to the park to which they had a Court Order.  The police did nothing.  Many were injured.  One is dead – and indisputably – because Marxists despise Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Personal Conscience.

All that said, what has happened since the Dissident Right had its liberties robbed from them?  Rather than target the perpetrators of the crime – the violent Marxist Left – the U.S. Federal Government, under Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, have exclusively targeted the Dissident Right.  To date, not a single member of the AntiFa involved in the violent suppression of freedom on August 12th, 2017, has been arrested by the Federal Government – let alone the groups that clearly organized and acted upon their plans to silence the Dissident Right by any means necessary.  Not one.

Enter the latest charges against RAM.

I read the entire criminal complaint and the only thing I can say is that it will not be the first group from the Dissident Right to be so targeted. The Federal Government has engaged in a pattern of behavior that seeks to selectively pick-off organizations to silence conservative groups who dare to say, “It is OK to be White.”  Since Conspiracy Charges have an eight (8) year statute of limitations, this will be a long, drawn out process.

In the criminal complaint, which is heavily dependent on Leftist propaganda to make its case, including known AntiFa websites (e.g., Page 5; Para 11), RAM members are accused of the shocking crime of “openly identifying themselves as ‘alt-right’ and ‘nationalist’…” (Page 7; Para 13) The complaint, which is ostensibly tied to the events at Charlottesville, requires fifteen pages of building up a narrative of orchestrated violence by which members of RAM have physically engaged the violent radical Left at other legally assembled demonstrations for the political Right – including a picture in which RAM members are seen holding a sign that says, “Defend America” (Page 12).

Think of that for a moment: the lead FBI investigator, Dino Cappuzzo, justifies conspiracy charges against a group of men because they had the audacity to defend themselves against violent leftist thugs at other events, in which those violent leftist thugs physically assaulted members of the political Right.  Consequently, the Federal Government makes the outrageous argument that RAM members conspire to engage in violence any time they attend a lawfully permitted political rally simply because the AntiFa et al are likely to assault them first.

In other words, with yesterday’s actions, the US Federal Government has effectively deputized the Marxist Left to enforce the political suppression of conservative opinions – and if anyone pushes back, they will be treated as criminals.

What does this all mean?

First, the obvious: as a White Christian Man in Weimerica, you no longer have the right to defend yourself from physical harm when attending a legally permitted rally.

Second: when it comes to electronic communications, shut up!  Some members of RAM made comments online that were used against them in the construction of the complaint.  Moving forward – just know that any electronic communications platform is not your friend.

Third: do not expect the Marxist Left to receive equal treatment. The Federal Government has made it clear that they support the Marxist suppression of individual rights.  IF the Feds come after AntiFa and their pathetic minions, it will occur in December – after the midterm elections – to avoid the optics of seeming to side “with Nazis” – preferring to bury the stories near Christmas week, while the media allies of the violent Left are drunk on eggnog.

Finally: groups who collected dues and organize even the hint of violence on electronic communications platforms should be more concerned than organic groups of individuals who simply sh*t-post and find themselves caught in a crossfire.  If the Feds even think you coordinated violent action with fellow members of an organization prior to traveling and then you/your group directly engage in violence, you should prepare for arrest – no matter how minimal or unjust the charge.

My recommendation is simple: use electronic communications only when you want someone to see what you are saying; everything else needs to be one-on-one moving forward.

And, do not expect the Federal Government to come to your rescue any time soon as it pertains to the violent Left.

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  1. 1) Antiwhite hysteria will increase from here on out.
    2) Artificial intelligence will grow more sophisticated from here on out.
    3) Silicon Valley hates you.

    Draw your own conclusions.