Apathy in Pax ‘Muricana

It is quite tempting these days to unplug completely from Clown World. One only needs to spend a few minutes on Faceberg or stomach a few shrill screeching harpies on the airwaves of cable news and terrestrial radio to want to ragequit and throw the closest available technology through an open window. Perhaps, what is most infuriating of all is the resulting apathy of our fellow “countrymen” around us.

Numerous articles, keystrokes and ink have been spilled in detailing the plague of the Boomer mindset; that is not the intention here. Rather, this is to note those same feelings to internalize are the product of the unrelenting pressure of globohomo. Consider how exactly the Boomer came to be the way they are now: inheritors of the greatest prosperity in the history of mankind, a nation with a white supermajority, a booming economy and a nation that hadn’t felt the ravages of war in over half a century.

Times of plenty bred complacency – something we have seen in our own times with the relative ease someone can titillate the senses with cheap gratification. This soft compliance with the demands of Clown World exists for those who have been beaten into submission for even the most remote displays of group consciousness. ‘Muricanism is tolerated to a certain extent, so long as it complies with the overall objectives of globohomo (wave the flag for foreign wars, tacticool gear, flag T-shirts made in China, etc).

All these “plastic” expressions of national sentiment are easily contained and directed, notice how quickly the overwhelming response is marshaled against any dissent that could remotely be seen as awakening white identity: kneeling football-Americans, noticing who the (((bankers))) of the ’08 collapse were, de-platforming dissident voices on social media, etc. You are not allowed to have symbols with any real sentimentality to them, you are not allowed to feel pride in your ancestors’ accomplishments. Instead, drink a rainbow colored Coke and watch the newest Disney created film meant for perpetual man-children.

Now, shut up and watch the next Marvel movie (I hear Thanos gets defeated after all, who would have guessed?). Make sure to buy a vintage Thor soft v-neck t-shirt before you got to watch the movie. Remember, that’s how your grandparents dressed when they went out. Go watch that college football game, but we aren’t going to allow you to celebrate the history of the Ole Miss Rebels – no way, that would be a gateway to identity politics. Shut up and be spoon-fed about why identity politics is evil and exploitative, while we continue indoctrinating your children to hate their Homeland, themselves and their people.

We exist on a diet of artificial culture and high fructose national identity that is meant to keep you fat and sedated, while the founding stock of this country fade off into obscurity, obesity and opioid addiction. The apathy of the Boomer is endemic to this culture of slow degradation and collapse.

We all Boomers now.

-By Mr. Poole