Sportsbrawl ’18

I got over watching sportsball years ago. It’s not a healthy way to spend your weekend if only for the reason that the endless commercials are unbearable. Live events can be fun, as they’re opportunities for a tailgate party. But, is that really a justification? If you’ve got a grill and a backyard, you can do that sort of thing any time without shelling out a hundred bucks on a ticket. So, I prefer to stay home.

Where the trouble really starts is when sportsball turns into sportsbrawl. That generally happens for no good reason whatsoever, as anyone inclined to assault someone else out of loyalty to some commercial franchise has a clear dearth of critical-thinking capability.

Here’s an example from the Rams-Vikings game in LA last Thursday. Some obese women in Vikings jerseys get into a heated exchange of words over who knows, but surely something stupid. It escalates into lady violence.

Next, what appears to be a Latino sporting the jersey of a dreadlocked running back (guess his color) decides to verbally enter the fray. According to the Ram’s website, this particular piece of merchandise retails for 150 dollars. Yep, this genius forks over that sort of cash to wear another man’s name on his back and serve as a walking advertisement for a business owned by a billionaire.

Perhaps this is indicative of the reason why Stan Kroenke is worth over 8 billion and all Mr. Mexican has is a concussion. Fleecing taxpayers and mining the pockets of imbeciles must be a lucrative endeavor. That’s probably why he owns 6 different franchises.

Back to the video. So, this idiot starts yelling “Slap that fool!” repeatedly. Someone in the background cautions “Just sit down, bro!” He then starts exchanging blows with a white guy below him. This leads to him being flung further than a space program in his native land could ever hope to do. He sails down at least four rows. It’s about 48 seconds worth of dumb. But, maybe worth a chuckle. On the other hand, it’s 48 seconds you won’t ever get back.

Senseless violence over sportsball is part of the rich complexity of Latino culture. In 1969, a soccer match sparked a military confrontation between El Salvador and Honduras known as La guerra del fútbol. At least 3,000 people were killed.

Of course, this sort of tomfoolery is one of the things Whites have in common with Latinos. Although, here in America we tend to handle it better than most. A guy eating horse poop in Philly because the Eagles won is generally as bad as it gets. He was probably just looking for a probiotic boost anyway.

Across the pond things tend to be much worse. I remember sitting in a soccer stadium sipping a beer while the hooligans of the two competing teams exchanged volleys of firecrackers. It was certainly an amusing spectacle, but I was wondering what exactly goes through their heads. Is this trivial weeknight match worth losing an eye? The black players would get kinder treatment. Bananas were the only thing hurled their way. The fans were often more fun to watch than the sport itself.

If you go to a place like East Asia, the only thing they’ll set alight over a sportsball game is a cigarette. It’s just not that big a deal to them. Although they tend to drive with a death wish, they’ve got much more sober programming when it comes to caring about a bunch of sub-80 IQ guys playing a game. They also have zero enthusiasm for importing anyone into their countries. There may be a connection worth pondering. I really wish we could cure our own of their sportsball addiction. It would do a lot of good both for them and this dying nation.


  1. Love it.I haven’t watched any sports since the 80’s.Why should I cheer on a bunch of simians and beaners whilst one of the many Jewish owners gets even richer as he joyfully and purposefully destroys our White culture.Watching the number of Whites who will root for sub-humans is enough to make one think our race has gone mad.For Whites to knowingly support Black imbeciles making millions and procuring White females, makes them not only stupid but traitorous.Sometimes I ask the dear Lord if most of the good haven’t already left us.And all the White females pretending to love sports should show us the true depth of the conditioning and brainwashing imposed upon us.My prayers and well wishes to all those here.I proudly stand with my ancestors and with you.