President Trump, Please Smash Antifa

Recently, left-wing extremists disrupted dinner for Texas Republican Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant in Washington, DC. The group “Smash Racism DC” uses the Antifa logo and hashtag, linking them to the violent terrorist group. On their Twitter account the group wrote “No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us. You’re [sic] votes are a death wish. Your votes are hate crimes.” The group went on to describe its members as “Anti Fascist Hooligans” who demand “a world without prisons, borders or capitalism.” They also call for the abolition of ICE (the Federal agency tasked with controlling immigration) and frequently endorse violence against conservatives and Republicans.

Under the Trump Administration Antifa has been designated a “domestic terrorist” organization. The group openly engages in violence against those who do not hold its extremist views against capitalism, Christianity, White people and traditional values. Yet, Antifa consistently finds allies and cheerleaders in the US media who defend its criminal activity and political goals.

We live in an era of ever-increasing hostility by the radical Left against traditionalists, conservatives and moderates. Anyone not a communist, anti-White activist or other brand of Left-wing extremist is subject to being harassed, losing their job, being silenced on social media or being physically assaulted on the streets by Antifa.

It is time that President Trump sent a powerful and clear message that left-wing political violence will not be tolerated. If Trump were to instruct Federal law enforcement to arrest a few hundred of the most vocal and extreme Antifa organizers and activists around the U.S., the effect upon the group’s morale and ability to carry out criminal activities would be significant. Such a measure would require little in the way of justification on the part of Federal officials given that Antifa openly embraces criminality to achieve its desired communist utopia. And, Trump would be acting in defense of his allies and supporters. This is a true no-brainer – an easy call for a leader who has staked his reputation on slogans such as “Law and Order” and “Make America Great Again.” It is time to make it happen, President Trump.

Crush the Antifa domestic terrorists now and end this threat to us all.