The Kavanaugh Confirmation is about White Christian Men

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, the GOP, or the Federal Government, if you do not see the full assault on Kavanaugh as a broader war on White Christian Men in the United States, then you are blind.

This has nothing to do with due process.  This has nothing to do with rape or so-called “rape culture.” This has nothing to do with the Supreme Court of the United States or the cases before that institution.  This is all about White Men.

To ascend to a Marxist conclusion, White Christian Men must be eliminated.

They uniquely invented the ideological constructs of classical liberalism (small “L”).  That is the absolute opposite of Marxism.  If you are a Marxist, you need to rid yourself of your mortal enemy – the one group that stands between you and a “utopia” – White Men.

As a group, White Christian Men – especially from the South – are the only demographic that consistently votes pro-capitalist, pro-Christian values and pro-personal freedoms. They staunchly oppose limitations on guns, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and all forms of freedom of personal conscience.  Those positions are antithetical to Marxism, which requires the elimination of guns in order to take your speech, religion and individuality.

Every other group, including White Women, vote against those ideological precepts [White Women going back and forth]. Black voters are hardcore Marxists as a bloc; they gladly trade personal freedoms for material comforts.  Hispanics are on the fence and have an ideological bias not specifically to Marxism, but strong central authorities.  The Jewish Community votes almost as consistently as Blacks for the elimination of personal freedoms (except abortion, gay marriage and transgenderism).  White Women vote often on emotionally compelling issues; apparently hurting someone’s feelings is more important than defending personal freedoms.  White Christian Men are the only group that consistently votes for limited federal government – frequently to their detriment.

Once Marxists get White Christian Men out of the way, by either marginalizing them, making them question whether or not they are even ‘men’ (transgenderism), making them disengage from society (video games, psychotropic meds, MGTOW), or making them fear the use of their political voice – whether by manipulation of the police (Charlottesville), by public opinion (weaponizing terms like ‘racist’), or physical violence (AntiFa) – Marxists will get everything they want.

Thus, enter Kavanaugh.  An accusation based on an event from thirty-six years ago with not a single corroborating witness and a polygraph that never once involved Kavanaugh’s name is enough to at least delay the confirmation of a White Christian Man.  It may be enough to sink his confirmation entirely.

The rape charges may have been conveniently politically timed by (((Dianne Feinstein))), but the political Left knows what’s up.  There is no dog whistle here.  This a straight-up bullhorn. It is a warning to other White Christian Men to disengage from political discourse. After all, if this can happen to squeaky clean Kavanaugh, this can happen to ANY White Christian Man.

There is more that hinges on this confirmation than most realize.


  1. Just when I thought I could not hate the DNC any more than I already do…after Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, I have reached a new level of hate for these b@st@rds. War on Trad America (which reached its peak in the early 80s and has been precipitously dropping ever since) was very evident in these hearings. Great example of good vs. evil. I’m not that religious, but I believe in evil, and these ‘people’ are evil. I raise a beer to our next Supreme 🍺.

  2. If Jeff Flake flaked out and Judge Brett doesn’t get confirmed, that ought to fire up White Christian men. The League if the South will be ready to harness that energy to gain new recruits! Hail Dixie!

  3. Great article.Ann Coulter had one out today noting all the times in the last week the Demo Jews openly said White men should have no power.If this doesn’t wake up brainwashed Whites as to their soon to be fate then nothing will.White women have been our greatest albatross and betrayer.When final victory comes to us we must never ever let our women vote or have any power whatsoever.This must be strictly enforced.Cook and have children and let us handle civilization.The good Lord warned us in Genesis about letting women have any power over us or our community.God bless and keep all on this site.