The Mongolian Steppe and the Urbanite

In various quarters of the Dissident Right, and indeed within the content of this very blog’s articles, the concept of urbanization has been dissected and analyzed, and offered up as both a symptom and culprit for society’s ills. A Southern man instinctively knows that there is comfort and kinship in rural communities, as opposed to crime and corruption in urban centers. To crush the urbanite is to eliminate the source of many woes.

However, even in the Current Year, if you critically observe the Weimerican Empire and her satellite dependent and allied states, i.e. “the West,” you’ll scarcely find a truly rural culture that isn’t in its death throes. Therefore, it is difficult to compare and contrast the modern urbanite with the modern ruralite, because the cross-contamination is prolific. It is therefore instructive to look to other cultures outside of the West for evidence of our demise.

Recently, I watched a documentary about the modern nomad of the Mongolian Steppe. Amazingly, this is still a dominant culture in Mongolia, despite the industrialization and urbanization that the former Soviet Union introduced during the Cold War. Thousands of Mongolians still herd and graze their livestock on the steppe and eek out a subsistence lifestyle.

They live in portable tents called yurts, use animal dung for fuel, and while some modern conveniences such as solar panels and motorbikes have been adopted, they still survive on a diet of mare’s milk, livestock for meat and other raw materials, and pride themselves as expert equestrians. In other words, you can hardly find a more purely rural culture, particularly among people with a high average IQ (Mongolians rank high with an average of about 101).

Indeed, while the “cowboy” lifestyle of the American West might resemble the habitat of the Mongolians, scant few Americans are capable of embracing the bitter cold and complete lack of luxury to which the steppe nomad is accustomed. Yet these people still cling to their humble culture. Every year more and more of their youth choose to seek out the city to find the promise of better fortunes, only to find, if they are lucky, a mundane existence where the only tangible reward is convenience. Many are swallowed up by urban sprawl and wind up in tent slums. Still, the majority stay with their families, their clans, and carry on the tradition of nomadic herding. If it were so much worse than other alternatives, surely the nomad life would cease to be. Instead, it thrives.

Now, here is where the sensibilities of the average westerner diverge from his Mongolian counterpart. This world is largely alien to us. The warmth of a sandy beach with a cold beverage in our hand is much more favorable than the bitter cold of the steppe. Our leather seated, 4 wheel drive truck is infinitely better than the bare back of a horse. Our cozy man-cave with a fully stocked wet bar is preferable to a portable tent with a dung fueled stove. Of course! And, I doubt anything I could present to you would change your mind, and I hardly wish to adopt a nomad life myself! But, if we were born into this world, would we find it so harsh or intolerable? What would our testosterone levels be with the absence of high fructose corn syrup and soy in our diets? Would our pancreas start to shut down in our 50s as the carbohydrate rich diet of the West finally catch up to us?

More importantly, what kind of creatures would we be spiritually? Would hyper-sexualization be a concern? Would we be more generous to our fellow man or would we horde our wealth while our neighbor suffers? Would women and men be more accepting of gender roles and harmonizing with each other, or would there be conflict, with women wanting to be the herders and the men wanting to tend to the tents?

I’m not suggesting that white people will ever willingly reverse course and abandon the comforts of modern life. I’m not even sure this is possible. But, we can LEARN from these rural people and embrace certain truths. These people are known for their spirituality, with Buddhism being their preferred religion. They do not live in a secular society free from religious authority. I’m certain that absent of patriarchy and spiritual guidance from a higher benevolent authority, their culture would quickly revert to chaos, hedonism and anarchy too.

Thus, it is imperative that Western man understand the mechanism of his destruction. Recognize how the loss of Christianity has affected our society. Seek your answers outside of the urban sprawl and degenerate popular culture that pollutes the otherwise beautiful landscape that we COULD be cultivating.

Crush the Urbanite.

-By Dixie Anon