Joe Biden’s Dregs

Florence turned out to be a storm that did lots of serious damage and inflicted tragic deaths. At least it wasn’t the category-5 apocalypse scenario that had been initially predicted. I’m from a highly flood-prone area. Living on the coast is great. But, when something like this starts barreling your way, thoughts of buying a home on a hill start popping into your head. Where you live is important in these situations, but equally so is who you live around.

Some people are assets, while others are liabilities (to put it mildly). Take the Cajun Navy, for example. These volunteers are a prime example of social capital. Disaster strikes, so they get in their jon boats and see who needs rescuing. They did great work. Nobody pays them or shames them into doing so. This is how the traditional social fabric of America functions in a crisis. It is a distinct feature of legacy Americans that’s not shared by the foreign influx here to benefit from things like the economy, handouts and selling poison.

It’s highly doubtful any member of the Cajun Navy was sobbing in the Javits Center on election night 2016. Come to think of it, they’d probably all be infuriated if a school counselor tried to convince one of their kids to take hormones and become a tranny. It would be hard to imagine anyone like that with enthusiasm for transplanting Kurdistan into Tennessee.

These are the kind of people from the kinds of places that most “journalists” hold in contempt. Still, the contributions of the Cajun Navy couldn’t be ignored. Worse still, it’s the type of story normal folks really want to see on the news. They’re starved for this kind of stuff nowadays. The media had to run with it.

What makes them stand out in my head is that as they were springing into action, Joe Biden was up in DC last Saturday night denouncing 63 million Trump voters as “the dregs of society” to a menagerie of LGBTQ+ freaks and “elites”. In other words, our former VP was bashing Americans who keep the place from falling apart to a bucket of the worst sewage it’s ever produced. A jarring juxtaposition that speaks volumes about where we’re at in this dying nation.

So what about the upper echelon of Biden’s America, how did they handle it? Sure as gravity, disasters (often of their own instigation) inspire you-know-who in a rather different fashion. The power’s out and dem crackas ain’t. Let’s go to aid injured survivors. Oh wait, actually it’s time to plunder a Family Dollar over in Wilmington. Fortunately, it didn’t escalate into one of their typical looting sprees.

At the same beltway event, a tearful Anne Hathaway denounced “whiteness” and exhorted everyone to “tear this world apart”. Maybe we should all be grateful she didn’t deliver her screed to a darker crowd down in North Carolina. Although, I’ve never known Carolina Blacks to be well-disposed toward some deranged white lady crying about trannies. You’ve got to give them some credit.


  1. When the family dollar looting was reported, Wilmington pd immediately implemented a curfew on the housing project across the street; they didn’t give them ‘space to destroy’.