Myth of the 20th Century: Cold Brotherhood – The Reunification of Germany

Centered at the heart of Europe, Germany has long played a critical role in modern European political economics. As the Cold War superpowers emerged in the aftermath of the Second World War, partitioning of Germany into East and West left a permanent scar on the people as their own culture and autonomy was subordinated to the ideologies of market-driven capitalism and centrally planned communism. In 1989, when the borders between East and West Germany were opened in a series of surprise events, the psychological and cultural walls that separated the German people were slower to go down than the physical barriers. Today, as a reunified Germany nears its 30th anniversary, Cold War politics seem to remain as the United States heavily influences the direction of NATO and the EU, resisting the development of positive relations between Germany and Russia and a general rise of German leadership in the world.

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