The Crumbling of Pax Americana

“We have entered a period of Pax Americana. Why deny it? Every other nation on earth would like to be in our position. Why be embarrassed by it?… If pronouncing this heresy makes me a high priests of policy monotheism, so be it. My robe, please.” Charles Krauthammer, Bless Our Pax Americana, 22 March 1991, seven short weeks after the United States decimated the fourth largest army in the world in less than 100 hours.

For nearly the past three decades, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US stands as the most powerful force in the world thanks, in no small part, to a South that provides approximately 50% of the fighting forces to a military that has no single rival.  Southern boys march into war much like their Spartan counterparts who served the Roman Legions with distinction after their defeat.  Trained from birth to fight, young Southern men form the core of a dominant juggernaut.

That dominance is cracking and now Southern men will be tested like never before.

Not because of Trump, but despite Trump, the American military is about to be tested like never before.  In some ways, this is due to a series of feckless wars initiated by the George W. Bush Administration.  In many other ways, this is due to a Barack Obama Administration that used the military as one giant social justice laboratory – sacrificing capacity for politically correct experimental “change.”  The Trump Administration inherited a weakened state of military readiness, in which the US Armed Forces became a play thing for transgenders, emotionally distraught teenagers and highly unqualified Black and female officers “who simply needed a chance” even if that chance might get men killed – especially, Southern White Christian Men.

Now, thanks to changing geopolitical winds and an increasingly aggressive Chinese military class that is no longer content to play second fiddle to the United States, American military might is about to get tested like never before and Russia seems poised to assist China.  This appears to be coinciding with a more aggressive trade posture by President Trump.  Unlike his predecessors, Trump does not seem to be interested in surrendering US economic and military might to the Communist Chinese.  Thus, rather than placate and empower Communist China, the standing American political position dating back to George H. Bush, Trump has opened a two front war, predicated on trade and military capability (Cold War).  This is leading to the potential for a real war.

Consider the following recent events.

On 11 September 2018, 300,000 Russian troops mobilized in the largest military exercise by the Russians since the Cold War. To put this in perspective, the enormity of that exercise is 50% larger than the entire US Marine Corps. The US has never mobilized so large a force for a war game.

In February 2018, the Maoist Chinese Government moved 300,000 troops to the Korean border. Although it was originally branded as a move to stem the flow of Korean refugees in the event of a war on the peninsula, the Chinese carried no provisions to handle displaced persons. They brought new, highly advanced surface to air missiles designed to kill American aircraft.

In 2017, the Communist Chinese completed the militarization of 27 natural and man-made islands throughout the Paracel and Spratley Islands in the South and East China Seas.  The missile systems on these islands can hit an American warship from as far away as Guam.  The increasing aggression of a new minefield established by the Chinese is frustrating the US Navy’s operational capabilities.

On September 8th, military commanders from eleven Eastern and Northern European countries met their American counterparts in Oslo, Norway. The goal of the meeting was to set parameters of military cooperation. The discussion was more specifically focused on the defense of the Baltic states. Russia has recently amassed an enormous force on the borders just north of Poland.

During that same week, General Mattis and former CIA Chief turned Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with their Indian counterparts. The discussions were entitled the 2+2 Meetings. The focus of the meetings were an increasing Communist Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean, in which the increasingly powerful Chinese Navy has begun harassing both Indian and American naval vessels.

USS Fitzgerald after colliding with a merchant vessel last year. Not the only Imperial embarrassment at sea in 2017.

Recently, FBI documents show that the Communist Chinese are funding a number of Leftist domestic agitators (BLM, AntiFa, SDS, etc) through the Wellstone Group, a hyper Marxist organization that pretends to be a passive community action group.  The attempt to add fresh funding to Far Left Marxist groups is seen as an attempt to further disrupt and damage internal American affairs. Both Russia and China are betting that American Leftists will ultimately win the internal narrative…or at least slow the Pro-American Nationalist Trump Administration.

What does all of this mean for us?  Probably a war… a big one.  Since the Americans developed a fully functioning anti-ballistic missile system, the likelihood of a nuclear engagement is small because there is no strategic benefit to the actors.  However, the possibility of a large scale, military conflagration over an attempt at greater territorial expansion – by Russia or China – is likely.

The United States, after eight years of emphasizing transgenderism and deemphasizing force projection, as well as, nearly two decades of low intensity conflict (i.e., insurgent warfare) is wholly unprepared for this kind of fight.  Southern boys will not be able to overcome a decade of unqualified officer promotions from hyper-Leftist California and Northeastern commissioned elites.  How bad is it?  In his first five years of office, Obama released almost two hundred highly qualified officers from service for such infractions as “going to a conservative church weekly.”

As the United States marches toward war, the South – America’s Sparta – is led by an officer corps comprised of Yankees communists, pederasts and other degenerates.

Not a woman

Pax Americana [American Peace] is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as “…the period of relative tranquility from circa 1945 to the present day in regions to which U.S. power has extended.”  That extension currently means the world, with the exception of a handful of smaller places, such as Afghanistan.  For sometime, global strategy experts have questioned its application.  

Zbignew Brezinski, the former National Security Advisor for dovish President Jimmy Carter wrote in his 2004 book, (page 216) The Choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership:  “World powers without rivals are a class unto themselves. They … are quick to call loyal followers friends, or amicus populi Romani. They no longer know any foes, just rebels, terrorists, and rogue states. They no longer fight, merely punish. They no longer wage wars but merely create peace. They are honestly outraged when vassals fail to act as vassals… One is tempted to add, they do not invade other countries, they only liberate.” 

It appears the vassals are preparing to challenge American global hegemony.  Pax Americana is disintegrating rapidly. It now looks like war is coming. A big war.

All of this means that Southern boys will die in greater numbers – as usual – than their peers from other regions.  They will be led by people who despise their Christian culture.   They will be led by officers who wear dresses and demand to be called “ma’am,” despite the anatomical evidence to the moniker’s inaccuracy.   They will be led by people who despise them for being heterosexual “alpha” males.  They will be led by people who laugh at the heartbreaking lament of Southern mothers burying their babies.   They will be led by those who hate the South to its core.

Unfortunately, the only groups that will take those same Southern boys seriously will be the Chinese and the Russians.

The South should invest in caskets and pine.


  1. Good breakdown. But I don’t see why increased military strength on the part of Russia and China necessarily leads to war. A rearranging of global power, yes, but I’m hopeful that peace can be maintained and that this will be a positive development for us. It could force a sort of realism in American geopolitics and lead to us ditching harmful “allies” such as Israel. If we can shed the phony moralism and rebuild Europe militarily, we could rekindle that natural alliance.

  2. I hope Southern young men realize that they are fighting for the same Jews who have worked tirelessly well over 100 years to destroy our beautiful South and its noble people.These children of the Devil himself were gleeful when destroying White neighborhoods with Blacks,mixing little White children with rapacious monkeys,taking Christian prayer from our schools,flooding our nation with 10’s of millions of non-Whites,forcing deviant homosexuality into our culture,destroying White families with feminism and porn,etc etc.Any White male who aids our oppressors by becoming their soldier is a traitor.That goes for any White cop who enforces a Jewish-inspired court order giving custody of a White man’s children to the brainwashed,unfaithful woman.Does anyone think this whole system of giving control of the home,money and children to the woman on her unfaithful whim to be anything more than the destruction of the White man and his children?I daresay that the vast majority of young White girls dating Black or Browns have only a mother in the home.Its all by design friends.I would say to young White men,don’t volunteer to be cannon fodder for your enslaver but wait patiently for the time when you can risk your precious life for the freedom and survival of your race.Does the article writer really trust the propaganda of the F.B.I.?The same FBI hunting our valiant Southern patriots to this very day for supposed crimes during the Jew run “Civil Rights Movement”over 50 years ago?All the patriotic talk and wounded warrior propaganda are merely tools to dupe our young men into fighting for their oppressors.Sit it out boys and with God’s will we have our moment in the sun again.That moment will NOT coming serving the master who delights in pushing our young White women into the arms of Black beasts.God bless all here,I am thankful for each and every one of you.Never give up on final victory!

  3. The Empire’s scheme now includes calling up National Guard units from the several states(mostly Southern, of course) to prosecute it’s forays into places where it has no business. Oh, for governors and state legislators who would straighten their collective spine and say to DC “To hell with that. Send your own children to fight the sand-Niggers! We’re saving ours to fight YOU!”