Natives vs World Citizens

One of the popular bumper stickers in South Carolina simply reads “native” in the state colors or alongside the flag of the palmetto state. This sticker indicates pride that native South Carolinians take in being from a particular place and being rooted in the land, culture, history and future of that homeland. Joy swells up within me each time I see that bumper sticker.

Self-styled “world citizens” are the opposite of rooted natives. They have no country, but claim an entire planet which they are bound to, due to our current lack of interplanetary space travel. Likewise, they truly have no unique language, religion or any other specific markers of a distinct place. They are just as much at home in the urban, multicultural hellhole of Atlanta as they are in New York, San Francisco, London or many of the other major metropolises of the world. As rootless wanderers on Earth, they are more likely to identify with urbanites on the other side of the world, than rural people a few miles outside of their current city. This globalism inevitably shapes their Leftist politics and worldview.

A prime example of a deracinated world citizen is the late US Senator John McCain. He was born into a military family in the Panama Canal Zone and attended 20 different schools as his family jumped around to bases throughout the United States and the Pacific. He later lived and served with the US military in numerous regions around the world. He cheated on and divorced his first wife to marry the daughter of a wealthy beer distributor in Arizona – where he settled down and ran for office as a newcomer. Attacked as a “carpetbagger” by native political opponents in Arizona, McCain relied upon his military career as an excuse for being from nowhere. With his strong Washington, DC connections and his wife’s money, McCain was able to defeat his enemies at the polls and entered upon a long political career inside the Beltway swamp.

As a politician, McCain was well known for his relentless advocacy of war around the planet in the name of spreading US power and promoting liberal values. He also established a reputation as a strong advocate of mass Third World immigration to the United States. In fact, he and his wife adopted a squat, black-skinned girl from Bangladesh. And his son, Jack, married a Black woman who he met in the military while stationed in the Pacific. McCain displayed nothing but pride in his race-mixing son.

Virtue Signalling

McCain’s primary legacy as a world citizen is his tireless warmongering and support for the demographic replacement of his own stock of Anglo-Celtic people. As a supposed “conservative,” McCain was unable to conserve even his own family, gaining a Black daughter and a Black daughter-in-law. His “maverick” policies, mostly supported by deracinated coastal elites and globalists, transformed Arizona. In 1970, the state was 90% White. By 2011, it was down to 58% non-Hispanic White with 61% of the children under the age of 1 being non-White. McCain and those like him in the US government successfully transformed Arizona, ensuring that in the near future it will turn from red to blue politically and become a one-party state ruled by Left-wing mestizo radicals.

In 1862, during the Northern invasion of Dixie, President Jefferson Davis told an audience of Mississippi elected leaders that “Our enemies are a traditionless and homless race.” He went on to describe the Yankee Americans as “disturbers of the peace of the world” who seek “gratification of the lust of power and of aggrandizement.” Though Davis was then speaking of the Northeastern Anglo elite who sought to subjugate the Old South and re-make it in the New England’s image, his description fits perfectly for world citizens such as John McCain. The senator rarely saw a foreign country that he did not push to invade, sanction or overthrow. He had no home or tradition of his own and therefore did not mind his family line going dark or his country being swamped with impoverished and unskilled Third World immigrants. His conservatism was a total sham, a fig leaf behind which lay his globalism, warmongering, liberalism and anti-White bias.

The Southerner who has not suffered deracination has little in common with world citizens. He is from a particular place, a particular region or subculture within his own native state. He is deeply rooted in the history and culture of his homeland. He has a language, a dialect, a religion and a connection to others in his line before and after him. For example, I live just a few miles from the site where my family settled in 1739. For nearly 300 years my family has lived right here on land we settled, fought for and are buried in. My son, who was born in this small town like the generations before him, will grow up in his homeland and will be rooted here. He will not move from school to school and city to city around the United States and the world. He will actually be from somewhere, unlike John McCain. And, hopefully he will come to love his people, cherish his land and value his traditions as much as I do.


  1. I see a lot of stickers w outline of NC and the word “home.” in the middle. We should try getting some stickers out that promote a unified Southern identity rather than just individual states.