Are Southern Nationalists Ready to Respond?

The Left is seeking the complete eradication of the South; it will have the opposite effect.

The level of provocation and violence enacted by the Left against Southerners has reached unprecedented levels.  The question is no longer whether or not things can get violent; rather, the question is whether or not Southern Nationalists can use Leftist violence to their strategic benefit.  Southern Nationalists have everything they need to succeed like no time in the history of the United States or the “paused cause” of the Confederacy.  Namely, leftist assaults are galvanizing Southern Identity.

More than ever before, Southern Nationalists need to ensure they do nothing to break the increasing bond of “Southerness” in the face of ethnic cleansing launched by the radical Left.  They need to avoid optics that detract from Southern Identity.  They need to embrace cultural and religious norms that reinforce Southern Identity.  They need to exploit a moment in history that rarely comes to an ethnic group seeking independence: the point at which an occupier pushes too far such that awakens the silent masses.

The Left is building a unifying sympathy for Southern Identity not only among the South, but also among conservatives in other parts of the country who uniformly agree that leftwing assaults on Southern history and culture are wrong.

Consider the enormity of depredations initiated by leftwing extremists and they make the South sympathetic to the most important constituency of Southern Nationalists: the Southern People – all of whom have been fed a steady diet of anti-Southern propaganda since Bull Connor images hit CBS.

Southern monuments are torn down.  Southern emblems of resistance are redefined and demonized.  Southern people and their culture are the subject of intense systemic ridicule.  The South is under an assault and has shockingly maintained docile throughout the onslaught of leftist action.  They are enduring the indignities suffered by other global minority groups when a dominant force seeks to eradicate the memory of ethnic distinction.  In almost every scenario, these indignities become the seeds of successful ethno-religious revolutions.

The leftist enemy is forcing Southerners to unify, but will Southerners fight back, and how?

At present, the cost of fighting back is seemingly too high.  The leftist enemy owns the means of communications, banking, finances and trade.  The Left owns the police departments, fire departments, hospitals and military.  The Left owns the infrastructure from top to bottom.  So, rather than suffer tremendously at the overwhelming might of their leftist societal superiors, Southerners quietly suffer the indignities of a fully conquered people.

Both history and strategic analysis state that this condition cannot last.

On 13 May 2014, the United States Marine Corps released a manual entitled “[FM 3-24/MCWP 3-33.5] INSURGENCIES AND COUNTERING INSURGENCIES.”  In the body of the work, the Marine Corps discusses the primary reason revolutions and insurgencies emerge:

[Section 4.17]  “Identity, based on cultural, religious, or other cultural groupings, can create a strong root cause. In cases where groups are persecuted and underrepresented, the insurgents can use a narrative that uses this underrepresentation or persecution as a root cause against the government. In some cases, groups are concentrated in certain regions where the government exercises biased controls over those groups. This might be an effective root cause to use for an insurgency based on a nullification of government control.” (Emphasis my own).

Read those sentences a few times and then step back and think: does this not fit my preceding rendering of the current state of the Southern people?

Outnumbered by Yankees who dominate the political mechanisms of the federal government, the media, various financial institutions, higher education, and the judiciary, the Southerner is persecuted AT WILL by a government not of his own choosing.  So what is the difference between Southern people who sit docile or stand and fight?  If we follow the report, the South merely lacks strategic direction under a unifying message.

Quoting the same report: “Legitimacy is essential to understanding the political variable in an insurgency. Who a population accepts as legitimate is dependent on the norms and values within that particular population….  The insurgents must have a problem that justifies their actions in relation to the population’s grievances and explains what is wrong with the status quo.” [Section 1.28 & 4.54]

The political Left is literally making the argument for us regarding a rejection of the status quo and the political legitimacy of both our home states and the federal government.  As police officers are ordered to stand down and watch statues torn from their cement roots or legal assemblies violently assaulted by Marxist mobs, the Southerner is inundated by visual reminders of their second class citizenry.  The Government has lost all legitimacy; the Southron simply needs an alternative.

But how should the Southerner consider responding?

The leftists are reinforcing Southern Identity in a way that can either galvanize a collective violent response or a political-cultural response – either or, but not both.

Do Southern indignities manifest themselves in violence or political revolution?  This really depends on the stage in which the fight moves from rhetorical complaints to the formation of an insurgency in the vacuum of government inaction.   The government’s complicity in the tearing down of Silent Sam is yet another indictment of its failing legitimacy.  Since insurgencies are inevitably a power struggle over legitimate governance of a particular people, a physical confrontation can only be avoided if a legitimate government replaces the current illegitimate government.

In other words, the only way to avoid a violent clash is to begin organizing a political counter mechanism that builds an alternative to the status quo.

Thanks to government inertia and leftist abuse, more Southerners seem to “want it” -a change in the status quo – then they did the day before Silent Sam was torn down.  But how will they go about getting “it”?  Violence or political action?  The Left seems hellbent on forcing the former.  We pray for the latter, recognizing that takes genuine commitment.

Hopefully, Southern Nationalists get to choose before a choice is made for them – and prepare accordingly.


  1. Great article.All your points were excellent and well thought out.Its also perspacacious to use information from the Marine Corp manual and any other source for their expertise and experience on such matters,it is always smart to build on or borrow from the work and mistakes of others.May God grant us victory in our simple desire to live and thrive as a people.God bless the writer and commentors.

  2. Very good article! I think the time for the political option has passed, unfortunately. While there are a lot more white southerners waking up, there are still far too many that are comfortable with the status quo, and just “minding their own business and raising their family” . This sounds noble, and I believed in it once, but the left and the forces of evil that drive them will not leave us alone. The event to wake the masses is going to need to be much more tramatic, like a collapse of the economy, or martial law being imposed. In the meantime, we “woke” southerners, especially of the League of the South, will keep evangelizing the masses, and with the help of almighty God, someday drive this scourge from our lands.