The NFL Issue is Simple

The fight is not over the flag. This is not about an obscure player kneeling during an anthem. This is not even about police brutality. This is all about race.

If you are not following Marxist messaging closely, you may miss the entire point and why it is crucial to boycott Nike, the NFL, and other organizations that support Kaepernick and this Marxist movement. So far, the boycott of the NFL is destroying them. We must continue and press forward. The NFL’s ratings have been eroding at an alarming pace, with the anthem protests only exacerbating the problem last year. Overall ratings for the 2017 regular season were down 9% compared to the 2016 seasons, which were already down 9% compared to 2015. This is a positive trend for us and our people.

Take note though, this is ALL about a replacement narrative and strategy.

Nike, the NFL, and other supportive organizations are betting that you – White Man – will be replaced and, as such, it is time to get ahead of the replacement curve to begin supporting the future market: the Coalition of the Ascendant. Every time you watch a NFL game or wear Nike you are saying, “Yes, our people are inferior. I am apathetic to my own displacement and a bleak future for my offspring.

This isn’t hyperbole, but the end result looks like South Africa: (1) they will take your women, (2) they will take your property and (3) they will tear down your past. They will not be forced to stand for the anthem of a White country – a creation of your people – until it is taken from you. Again, like South Africa.

But, let’s take a step back.

Do athletes really have a First Amendment right to protest the anthem, as argued by my libertarian and leftist friends? No, they do not. No one has the right to protest during work hours. If your boss says, “Stand up,” you either stand up or you get punished, maybe even fired. That is the nature of Western [read Euro-American] owner-labor contracts: “You do what you are told to do.”

Thus, when a black athlete kneels during work hours, he is saying to his white business owner, “I am not going to do what you tell me to do… or the customers, for that matter.” In essence, this is a racial shit test.

When you support the veneration of Collin Kaepernick, you are saying that white NFL bosses no longer have power over their indentured black male athletes. You are literally saying, “I am beneath them.” They can do what they want; you – white man – cannot. You are a thrall to the Current Year zeitgeist. It is you who is now the slave.

Nike is ostensibly saying, “No one has the right to tell a black man what to do – even an employee – because black people are your superiors.”

The flag is just a symbol, nothing more. The anthem is just a song. This is not about songs or a flag. This is all about racial replacement. This is a burgeoning racial proxy war within the greater Culture War.

Nike is saying, “Just Do It!”

Indeed, do it. Continue to boycott those that hate you and recognize what this whole thing is about, we don’t have much time.