Camaraderie Nationalism

Lately, my regional group has been itching for a good group activity. We’ve all gotten closer over the last year and friendships are forged in iron. Some ideas we are looking at doing, as a group, may be of interest for other regional groups. There’s more to be done than shitposting on the internet and this movement needs more than online trolls. Camaraderie Nationalism, in addition to our online activities and content creation, is the path forward. Here are some healthy ideas from a fellow thoughtcriminal.

Grow a Garden Together

I’ve not grown a full garden in a few years now and many of our people have never done anything like this. If you don’t have the land for it, your first task will be securing a small half acre plot to do our own gardening. There are quite a few farmers in our area and if you need to find one, you can normally search online with [state] farm land for lease. A central location where most of your group can easily travel to is essential for this. Most of what I’ve looked at so far my way has turned up gargantuan properties we aren’t in need of, so asking a local farm or even a nursery for the use of a green house. We are going to start setting this aspect up now. I’m not expecting our first yield to be huge, but we should be able to get a fair bit and it’ll be a great experience for the group. I want us to continue this as a yearly thing. Part of this would also include canning and jarring – a good skill set to know. All in all, I’m expecting this venture, after some fertilizer, seeds, rental, and tools to be about $1,200 – $1,500 total. But, this is across twenty people. That quickly becomes a manageable expense when broken down.

Joining a Lodge Together

The prime reason and purpose of us joining a Lodge is that we can utilize the facility for ourselves, have some political and community pull and have a more centralized location to do meetings. The Lodges (Moose, Elk, Eagle, etc.) are familiar to most of us, even if just culturally and in passing. A lot of these on the local and state levels have dwindling numbers. An example is the Loyal Order of the Eagle, one that is not far from me. I’ve never seen more than three cars there at a time. We aren’t talking about a hostile takeover, many of the patrons and members hold very similar social views as we do, but don’t feel they can say anything. We can also do charity work with them, but be specific about your charity and make it local and communal.

The kitchen and other facilities at the Lodges are also important, as we can use them for larger gatherings, canning of fruits and veggies and the like. The other main use for a lodge is we can begin to bulk-buy items for ourselves and distribute them easily. Lastly, Lodges still can be used for influencing local politics and using that can help us bring in the right kind of people, even if they are adjacent to us and not in the “Far Right.” A membership for a Lodge is minimal. The use of the facilities alone are worth this price.

Crafting and Brewing

For crafting, I mean small classes together where we can learn a smaller trade. Leather working is also good example. Many people want handcrafted leather in anything (holsters, wallets, etc.). After talking to co-workers about an interest in trying it out as a hobby, I had a flurry of folks ask if I could make them everything from pouches to flask cases. I haven’t even bought tools, leather or anything yet. This is a great hobby, as there would be a demand and it’s obviously useful as well. For the women, things like needlework and knitting are also hobbies that can draw requests for custom work.

The beer is another project. Brewing for private consumption in my state isn’t illegal (check the laws in your state). This would mostly be something to do for bonding and fun. The idea of selling beer has been talked of before, but the legal matters are a bit more of a headache than any of us can really deal with as of now. Beer brewing kits of the 10 gallon variety typically run about $150 in my area: you need bottles, a siphon, and a few other tools, as well as, specific types of pots for the sheer size of the operation. Five gallon kits run about $75-100. They provide approximately 2 cases – or, 48 2 oz. bottles when the process is done, at about $50 for materials.

Many of these ideas are simple and overall require very little material or cash expenses. They are good for bonding and, for an already established and cohesive group will give many of the members a sense of purpose. Most membership costs at a lodge run the same rate as a subscription for your favorite racist podcast sites. Large rolls of leather and tools range from $150 total into the thousands for super premium leather and tools. The acreage to plant on is probably the most expensive cost, but after a bit of time doing other activities, the group may very well be capable of purchasing our own land or getting prices down due to good relations with the farmer. Other activities, hobbies and crafts we’ve mentioned among ourselves include gunsmithing, working on cars, blacksmithing, even firing our own bricks and the like.

This may feel like Boy Scout-tier advice, but these are good things to know and this camaraderie, as a whole, will make ourselves better, forge better communities and inspire others.

Stay Safe and God Bless. Resistance is Fertile.

-By Nathaniel


  1. Thanks for this one. Our family has been associated with Moose off and on for several years, but I’d never even considered the ideas you present here.

    Good job, thinking outside the box!

    We’re looking at a house now that would be close enough to a Moose or Eagles lodge to take a second look at.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Excellent ideas, I used to garden every year as a child but haven’t done it even once as an adult. Canning we did as a child but I’ve neglected that as well. Rather than the expense of renting something, surely someone at the local pool party has a backyard which can be utilized for this purpose?

    You might find brewing wine a bit easier than beer and remember, like canning it’s purpose it not to get wasted but to preserve the nutrients of the leftover fruit, grain, etc… So brewing beer would be great if you have excess grain. Otherwise, it’s fun to take exotic fruits unique to an area. For example, back when I was in the league and living in Florida I would make wine from sea grapes, starfruit, etc… Folks loved my carambola wine! Oh remember, the main drawback on newbie brewers is brewing and wanting to drink it too fast. The yeast needs to time properly settle/rack or your product will taste like yeast. Now that I’m back in Texas i make mulberry and also muscadine grape wine.

    Good thoughts regarding a lodge……….