Counter-Signalling Corporate Weimerica

In Weimerica Clown World, it is far more popular to make a grand and stupid public gesture than it is to do anything productive to effect real change. The dopamine receptors pick up on the good-boy/girl kudos points put out by those on one’s side of a political issue and release a euphoric feeling. But, nothing gets accomplished and all you did was waste a few minutes of your life. Masturbatory Posting.

In the last week, we have seen this impotent stunt play out on both the Left and Right as liberals got up in arms about In-N-Out Burger’s decision to support Republican candidates and conservatives were worked into a lather by Nike’s use of Colin Kaepernick (what fresh hell is this that my Microsoft Word program knows how to correct the spelling of his name) as a spokesman.

After news became public about In-N-Out Burger’s political sponsorship, California’s favorite fast-food joint found itself the subject of an attempted boycott. It didn’t work, because much like the abortive attempt to cow Chick-Fil-A (I like puns) into submitting to the homosexual agenda, conservatives in CA and across the western states flocked to their locations, creating lines around the block. Many liberals even refused to participate, because hey, those are good burgers, Walter. Apparently, there are now two things that liberals will not compromise on: their love of In-N-Out and their support of abortion.

I’m sure that statement will cause only slightly less controversy than my last article, as Texans everywhere will line up to shout at me about Whataburger being superior. Haven’t had it, can’t say. Besides, it’s a movie quote.

Far from causing the burger joint any harm, In-N-Out’s sales boomed during the short-lived controversy. Given that John 3:16 appears on the bottom of every cup, I think uber-liberal California had long made its peace with the perceived beliefs of the company’s ownership. Besides which, like many companies, In-N-Out plays both sides of the line to grease the wheels of government. It was a stupid stunt.

Similarly, the protests on the Right regarding Nike are of dubious efficacy and are largely dumb. The major difference is that Wall Street is worried about the effects the campaign will have and has rewarded the CEO of Nike with a 3% hit to its stock price on day one of the controversy, equaling close to four billion dollars in market capitalization. Sales levels will ultimately dictate whether any initial decrease in price has staying power long-term.  Such is the game that the stock-traders play.

The real stupidity I’m seeing involves average people lighting their Nike gear on fire as a response to the perceived anti-American stance the corporation took by signing Kap as its lead spokesman for this campaign. This of course doesn’t change the fact that these people gave money to Nike and that they won’t get it back by displaying their impotent rage. The only appreciable benefit will be the pats on the back they get from their fellow conservatives and possibly schadenfreude via enraging liberals through their action. As I said, masturbatory posting.

Of course, the fact that Nike is a predatory corporation which is anti-American should be obvious to even the mildly aware person. After all, they prefer to hire slave labor in Southeast Asia over paying an American a decent wage. Blah blah, why is Whitlow talking about America on a Confederate page.  The “A” in CSA, fam. We are still ‘Murkans, even though we don’t want to be yoked to the Yankee Empire anymore. Those shoes have a dollar or two worth of material in them and take less than that in labor to make and are sold in some cases for hundreds. The negro community in particular loves them Jordans. Especially, given that whitey is paying for them via gibmedats.  They could easily afford to pay 15 bucks an hour and still make a more than healthy profit per pair of shoes. When one factors in the cost of shipping the goods across the ocean, the savings are greatly reduced, and the net environmental effect is extremely negative. The myopia of the mega-corporation on full display. Who cares if the country that buys my stuff is damaged and the environment polluted. Those are tomorrow problems for my grandkids. I’m making more money NOW. This type of behavior is proof positive that Nike is a shit company and you should not be wearing their crap. Irrespective of what the football and basketball blacks are doing. My only take on the protests is that it irritates me that they won’t stand for Lincoln’s rag when the striped banner freed them at the expense of making slaves of Southrons. But then, I don’t expect them to have any sort of historical perspective. They just repeat whatever victim narrative they’re told to parrot.

This author has been a proponent of New Balance shoes long before that became one of our memes, precisely for the reasons above: they are made in this country and are better for workers and better for the environment. Protesting along these lines and making cogent points are far more effective ways to move public opinion than idly burning shitty merchandise.

If you don’t want your Nike garbage, give it to the homeless. Give it to veterans. Send it to Africa, they might be interested to know that the Eagles, not the Patriots won the last Super Bowl. Whatever you do, don’t light it on fire or remove the swoosh with a pair of scissors. There are productive ways to show your displeasure with this predatory company. Be better than our enemies. Likely the only effect this is going to have on Nike’s sales will be the same effect it had on In-N-Out burger’s: Lefties will run out and buy Nike to stick it to the Right. Nike’s counting on that. The more foaming mad we appear, the more the left well scream SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Being for something is a lot more convincing to the unaffiliated than is being against something. The Democrats are for nothing and against everything we care about. Positively display ourselves and our beliefs and it wins over and influences people. Dale Carnegie might have been a liberal fruit who advocated that men ought to make themselves vanilla flavor neutrals in order to avoid offending people and potentially losing business, but he was right about that.

Which way, Southern Man?

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