The Dove Hunt

In all parts of Texas and Arkansas (excluding the terrible urbanite hellholes), September is an exciting time. If you visit any major sporting goods store at the end of August you’ll notice a significant increase in traffic and lines to the register. Why? It’s dove season!

In the year of 2018, it’s great to know that there are still a massive amount of families all across Western Dixie, stocking up on shells and camo to go dove hunting. Men, women and even children are excited. At one of our large box stores in Texas, I overheard a young boy sharing with his daddy that he is so excited that he gets to join his brothers for the first time.

Dove season is still serious business in Western Dixie, but I also see a portion of our population clueless at to why it looks like Christmas in August at the sporting goods stores. They live in isolation from the “real” people of the state. It is actually incredible that the tradition has continued, especially in Texas, where we have massive influx of illegals, Californians and Yankees.

Dove hunting is a great sport for Dixians. You can buy a good shotgun for a reasonable price. The rest of your gear is minimal. The hunting leases start at $50 and up. There are still many public lands available to hunt on, usually for a one-time fee for the year.

This tradition has been passed down for generations, but there are some that have never had the opportunity. If you know how to hunt dove, reach out and invite your kinsmen that have never gone. Dove hunting is a great “first hunting experience” for our people that want to learn. You just may be the one to start a new tradition for a family, that goes on for multiple generations in Dixie.

Retake Everything and, get to hunting.

-By Bedford

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  1. Excellent little article that brings back fond memories of childhood. I got my first shotgun about the time I entered elementary school, would grab the camo carrying-vest, shotgun and walk the rock roads near my house. When I wasn’t alone we added strategy to the mix- my dad or brother would scare up some doves resting on a telephone poll wire so they would fly my direction….BANG, BANG!