The Weimerican Human Hierarchy

Yesterday, I was browsing Steve Sailer’s (I highly recommend) blog over at the Unz Review. He’d made a post about a twitter exchange between some oriental doctor and the journalist Glen Greenwald over the Kavanaugh hearing. The doctor posted a photo of himself taking a knee at a hospital proclaiming “as an Asian-American” he was fighting “white supremacy”. Greenwald smacked a pair of aces down on the table. He was A GAY JEW. You don’t own this discourse, declared Greenwald. There was a back and forth over privilege, but this was over before it started. The oriental didn’t know his place. Go back to China, bitch.

As a non-impoverished, straight white man of no color with no felony convictions, I know that I’m firmly at the rock-bottom of the Weimerican human hierarchy. Lower still, I don’t reside in a trendy place like SF or Austin, Texas. Unless I went crazy, got my dick sliced off, and then scientists discovered some reverse Michael Jackson skin process, up is not a direction I could even dream of traveling.

My rank actually confers many advantages. I’ll never wonder where my place is in the order. Better still, I’ll never experience the humiliation of lording my status over someone else, then getting BTFO’d when a nobler person much higher than myself enters the fray. Since there’s zero case I can make about why I should be up a notch, I don’t need to get frustrated or angry or write a book about why I should enjoy a loftier position. Ambiguity. It can be an unhealthy thing in life.

The twitter beat-down got me think about something I’ve seen in high schools. It’s this bizarre thing called the Gay-Straight Alliance. I used to wonder what in the hell it was for. Was it a place for homos to meet for their degenerate dalliances? No, we have public restrooms for that. Was it a cover operation for pedophilia? No, unfortunately we’ve got the Catholic Church for that now. And really, what are they allied against, the Axis Powers?

What I failed to appreciate initially was that stuff like the GSA is a desperate hail-Mary attempt for misguided kids of the same rank as myself to try and slightly improve their rank by signaling against guys like myself.

Although it’s been quite a while since I was in high school, I’ve still yet to clear two decades since graduation. So, it’s really not that long ago in the scheme of things. I couldn’t even have conceived of such a thing as the GSA back then. If my school had one, no dude would’ve attended if only out of self-respect. Now, kids are joining to try and develop some of that. It’s symptomatic of a sick and crumbling society. They should just know their place because it would save them wasted time and effort.

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  1. Such abominations as GSA’s in Dixie will disappear once Murika implodes on itself, and Yankees, Blacks, homosexuals, and all of their sympathizers are expelled from our borders, or dealt with appropriately.