The Power of Mentorship

Proverbs 27:17: “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” The role of the father is the ultimate role model for any young man in a Southern family and no one fond of Identity Dixie would disagree. However, we do need proper “role models,” in addition to our fathers and grandfathers without demeaning the fathers proper role. There’s a role for all men to play and mentorship is critical for a healthy movement.

For me, it was a man I met in my late 20’s. We’ll call him “Mr. Smith.” I met him at a gathering of Sons of Confederate Veterans. As he began to talk, he shared stories of his life experiences, in a very humble and non braggadocios way. As I found out, this man was quite the renaissance man!

  • He was a retired from a high level dangerous government position;
  • International chess player;
  • International bagpiper; and
  • Small rancher and farmer

I could have listened to him speak for days.

As I began to volunteer more in the SCV, I got to know him better. He introduced me to good books on Southern history, political theory, agrarian life and Monergistic Theology.

Mr. Smith had children my age and older, as well as, a pack of grand kids. I was inspired by how much attention he gave all of them. I thought he would never sacrifice their time to mentor me or any other man, but some how he made the time. Great men are able to do this – have balance and time management.

This man inspired me. I sought out every opportunity to learn from him. If he taught a Sunday School class, I was there. If he was holding a seminar on how to can chicken meat, I was there. If he was holding any sort of event, weather it by a Texas/Southern celebration or any other heritage event that he was a part of, I was there.

As my family grew, and we moved to a moral rural location closer to him, he got me started with my first attempts as a lazy agrarian.

I can’t imagine who I’d be if I hadn’t met Mr. Smith. He has had a serious impact on my life these last twenty years.

There are older men that are good mentors out there. They may not be the “over the top” variety of Mr. Smith, but they may be someone who is a good example of being the patriarch that you strive to be.

Here’s to the Mentors of Dixie.

-By Bedford

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  1. Great article Bedford, one thing I love about Identity Dixie is to be able to read on such diverse topics.

    I had two mentors, the first was my father; he’s conservative but largely non-political really- as good as a man can be. Still even to this day there is nothing that my dad can’t do. The other mentor in my life was a man named Marc, we met at a wedding when I was in my mid-30’s. He was only a few years younger than my dad but actually very youthful. He is a father to seven children, all home schooled, and now LOTS of grandchildren. His positive example helped the political me spring forth and mature.