Tucker Carlson Nationalism

Gentlemen. Ladies. I come to you today with an honest plea: put down the JQ. Let this be our version of #walkaway.

That is not to say I am not woke on this issue. I haven’t suddenly changed my mind about what’s at stake and who the drivers of the United States’ detrimental foreign and financial policies are. I have not gone full Boomer. Israel is not our greatest ally. But what I have realized is that the obsession with the Hebraic bugaboo is crippling what we are trying to accomplish.

I get it. The memes are hilarious – I have an entire subfolder of them. I get it. When one puts the puzzle together, one cannot stop talking about it, and seeing aspects of it everywhere one looks. That is part of why I’m writing this. It seems every few weeks, I get into a conversation with one of our people who seems utterly intent that every malady that has ever befallen the white man since the time of the Aryans is part of a nefarious plot by Schlomo. This denies that the white race has or ever possessed even the slightest modicum of agency, for good or for ill. There are plenty of white men who drove us into our present situation. They cannot and should not be excused for their crimes by shifting the blame to the Jews.

Doing this makes us a two-fold parody: firstly, we look like the blacks whom we routinely denigrate (hehe see what I did there) for blaming all of their problems on the white man and secondly, we slip into the left’s description of who we are and what we’re about: a gaggle of losers looking to blame someone else for our problems. Of course, most of us Southern Nationalists have jobs and many of us have families, but that’s not the point. Ridicule is a powerful tactic, for the enemy as well as for us.

The main reason, however, is that I’ve come to realize that it just is not necessary to talk about openly. If you see the reaction that they have toward Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, or anyone else who opines frequently about globalists, communists, cultural Marxists, etc, you’ll notice that it is exactly the same reaction as any time we are bluntly counter-Semitic. Namely, they flip out and screech about how anti-Semitic these public personalities are.

Typically, the logic from our side has been: well if they’re going to call you an anti-Semite either way, then why not just go full bore? On the surface, it does make sense. Agree and amplify. But if you dig a little deeper, you will notice that we just are not convincing many people of the soundness of our ideas by droning on about Jews the way we do. Sure, we may convince a handful of people here or there, but by and large, we’re going to get an exaggerated and sarcastic groan every time the topic gets discussed. “Here we go again….”

Rather, I think we should learn from Tucker and go his way, rather than the path we’ve been on, as the latter clearly is not working. Yes, public perception and presentation matters. No, this is not 1920s Germany. You must remember that Germany and Europe in general had a long history of anti-Jewish laws and beliefs, and it had been only toward the end of the 19th century that those became relaxed. Disaster followed in the form of the First World War, so Hitler found a rather pliable audience on the subject. 70 years of conditioning makes the modern United States much less open to such rhetoric and, indeed, this country never really had those laws or opinions on any sort of large scale. Add in the individualist roots (for better or for worse) of this nation and you are not going to find any sort of major acceptance for these viewpoints – at present.

What is clear in the Trump age is that the howling mad responses from the left and j-left are making a lot of normal people question their programming and in much greater numbers than anything we’ve been saying concurrently. The reason for that is simple human psychology. If we go full natzee and Jews flip out, that response is seen as legitimate by the masses. Their programming to defend the chosenites and remember the 6 million kicks in because there is no substantive difference between criticizing them and wanting to gas them all according to what we’ve all been taught.

But, dog whistling engenders the same response. Tucker is routinely smeared as an anti-Semite because he speaks out against what they’re doing and many of the guests he humiliates are indeed Jewish. But his unawakened viewers hear the criticisms and cannot figure out why. What he says does not set off their six gorillion alarms. He presents his arguments in a reasoned fashion and does so quite well – which is why his guests come off looking like the loons they are. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that Tucker knows this and that he is on our side. He just plays the game a hell of a lot better than any of us do and from a much more prominent position. Dog whistling works, and we hear you, Tucker.

So, in public spaces online and in meat space, stay away from the JQ. We missed a grand chance with Wayne LaPierre and his comments about “European style socialists.” The Murdoch cartoon was funny, but the better way to approach it would be to meme that statement into the public conscience and drive our enemy crazy with incessant dog whistles. That’s not to say that we can’t talk about this stuff in controlled environments where everyone is in the know. Or with individual normies who have been asking the right questions and might be ready to learn more. But what needs to stop is the public carpetbombing of the JQ. It is very amusing, but it is also counter-productive to any serious movement.

Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen are bad news. Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter are not. The former are cartoonish subversives. The latter are influential personalities.

Which way, Southern man?


  1. THANK YOU. This is absolutely correct. Nationalist groups in the US, whether they be WN, SN or Alt Right are missing a golden opportunity by going full bore on the JQ. The time is not right.