Not Your Grandpa’s Garden Party

I found myself at a get-together last weekend, but it wasn’t exactly the TRS Pool Party kind of crowd. There were some unpleasant conversation scenarios. The worst was some homo-Oriental guy recanting how he verbally BTFO’d some other homosex freak with a lesson on how he was way higher up in the oppression hierarchy.

We’re basically like Blacks“, he remarked. I trolled: “You’re here sipping red wine, not scrubbing floors.” Little Ms.-I-have-a-Master’s-Degree-In-Useless-Social-Media-Posting chimed in: “Trans people have it the worst right now, I really want to get involved with more of them because they can teach you something valuable.” I replied: “You know, Donald Trump wants to like, kill trans people. He’s really an asshole.” That sure got things kicked off. With a smirk on my face, I went outside to have a cigarette. I figured it would be a much healthier endeavor than seeing where the conversation went next.

At its core, this tranny stuff is a demoralizing exercise in self-abasement for any sane man. Get on your knees outside of Satan’s Synagogue and shout your allegiance. Acquiesce to what you intrinsically understand is the destruction of everything you know to be of value. If you can mentally make your peace with this shit, then you’ll never offer any opposition to civilizational suicide. Mainstream Republicans already have. They’re not even going to defend the women’s restroom, let alone the 1st or 2nd Amendments and some Confederate statues. They’re cowards of the worst sort.

This stuff is way more dangerous than a simple freak show. It’s an attack on the mental health of children. If you’re not going to defend them, then what the hell are you going to defend? We’re at a point now where some kid experiencing even normal types of confusion or childhood anxiety is getting bombarded with propaganda from all angles. In some states, they can go to a school counselor who will advise them on how to become a tranny without ever being required to notify the parents. Put them right into the pipeline to an irreversible life-changing decision that often ends in suicide.

Back in February, a couple in Ohio even lost custody of their teenage daughter because they refused to get her hormone treatments and call her by a boy’s name. We’ll probably see an avalanche of these incidents in the coming years.

It’s evil and truly insane.

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  1. These people need to be destroyed. Not talked to, pleaded with, led to the light….

    Shot down in the streets, the same way you would a rabid dog.

    They are coming for your children.

    You will receive no help from the government.

    What will you do to protect them?