Current Year Cabin Fever

Read this, and consider if you’ve got a more feasible idea for a process to foment civil conflict:

  1. Create an existential economic, financial and demographic crisis impossible to ignore because it has/will devastate the lives of the average person and severely degrade the country’s ability to function at a 1st world level.
  2. Hold an election between the sole national figure able to do something and a person who exemplifies the corruption, dishonesty, and incompetence of the political establishment.
  3. When the establishment candidate loses, proffer an absurd lie that this upset was due to the machinations of a hostile foreign power.
  4. Launch a legal offensive in an attempt to overturn the election result, which you insist is illegitimate.
  5. Since you’re well aware less than half of the population believes this nonsense, coordinate the nation’s financial, media, and internet (((oligarchies))) to censor dissent.
  6. Make it difficult for prominent dissenters to physically exist by applying your broadly-hated monopoly power to cut them off from the economy.
  7. Keep citing the ridiculous canard about foreign interference to justify these actions.
  8. Whip your rubes into a desperate frenzy at the prospect of impeachment, while infuriating millions with your blatant lies and dystopian initiatives.

Alright, step #8 is where we’re at in the process right now. It’s lived reality, so we can personally attest to its validity. Where does it go from here? Nowhere good in the short term, to be sure. Predictions are being offered fast and furious. However, it’s all educated conjecture at best. The future is, by its very nature, inscrutable.

I’m physically and financially much better insulated from the average person from strife, although from a big-picture perspective it honestly still leaves me with little peace of mind. This got me to start browsing the website of a company I’d read about called Rising-S Bunkers.

I did a deep dive and these Texas guys are the real deal. My favorite model is “The Eagle” from the “Xtreme Series”. To an intruder, it appears like a typical shipping container-sized doomsday capsule. But they’d be mistaken, because this false room conceals a much larger and highly-sophisticated bunker complex. Cool shit, really.

I’m not a man child who likes comic books or crap like that. But, if I were twelve checking this out, whoa. More than a couple decades later, I found it just as awesome. They offer all sorts of custom options: secret tunnels, proprietary above-ground concealment techniques, etc. Fascinating, no joke. Trouble is, I’m about 500k short.

If the nation fell apart, spending a year underground to wait it all out would just be self-torture. I get cabin fever fast. The worst ever kicked in after being stranded by a freak blizzard on one of Silas Reynolds’ remote rural estates. Besides forays into the whiteout to conduct security patrols, we spent most of our time indoors. The creepy ambiance of the antebellum mansion did little to assuage my growing unease. Late at night, it whispered to me: “You’ve always been here, Tom.” The servants seemed suspiciously cheerful. They knew of something sinister but wouldn’t tell me. I began to feel like Jack Nicholson from The Shining. By day four, my hands longed for the feel of an ax.

Holing up is not a solution to our current crisis. Get yourself in the correct mindset because it’s truly a rare generation that finds itself without ordeals of the life-and-death variety. If you were born earlier, you might find yourself lost at sea or manning the walls of a citadel besieged by Turks. We’re not really going through something abnormal in that sense. The only thing that sets us apart is the bizarre craziness of it all.

In this time, advocacy is the solution. The truth counts and so does common sense. We need to prevail upon anyone we can find who is receptive to these things. That’s the way that it will change for the better. If things fall apart, they’ll stay apart. Our ancestors didn’t have iPads, but they weren’t even remotely stupid. They possessed skills and knowledge to survive pre-electricity that were developed over millennia. This is stuff you just couldn’t ever learn fast enough to make it. If you think you can survive and thrive after the apocalypse, you’ve never given the matter serious consideration. It really is just forward or die. Prepping for the end is surrender.