Anarcho-Tyranny Proof Activism

We must anticipate anarcho-tyranny and lawfare at every step from here on out. Even if you have a few million dollars on hand for lawfare, you are still letting the enemy choose the battlefield, which is a recipe for disaster no matter how much money you have on hand. You can fight the good fight in the court system, but you will only be buying time at best.

So, we need to bake this into our strategies going forward. We cannot afford to get into a tit-for-tat battle over monuments because we know which side will end up in prison. We also cannot afford to engage in pre-announced street demonstrations, which will almost certainly get us attacked by the useful idiot brigade and prosecuted if we act in our own defense. Do-not-fall-for-these-traps.

What can we do? Well, perhaps it is better to ask “what must we do?” Before we can Retake Everything, we must generate as much public support for our movement as possible – among our own people, the broader normie audience and also internationally. Now, how can we do that?

  1. Internet activism: memes, writing articles, social media comments, driving traffic to our websites, etc.
  2. -Offline activism: flier and sticker campaigns, telephone marketing, mass mail campaigns, flash rallies, building networks, honing our vision, etc.
  3. -Building secure means of communication outside of social media and gmail.
  4. -Building an alternative currency system.
  5. Building parallel social structures and communities
  6. Building parallel institutions

I know some will call these options cowardly, but it is just a matter of being smart. It is simply better for the movement to score little victories than big disasters. The man who legally posts fliers today, without getting doxxed, gets to have a family and do many more flier campaigns in the future. But, the man who acts rashly, gets stuck in a prison cell asking for donations and may never get out. You cannot fight for Dixie if you are sitting in a prison cell.

We must not think of these less exciting (shortsightedly called “cowardly”) forms of activism as ineffective. They can be highly effective and the rise of the Dissident Right proves it. We have made tremendous gains over the past few years, primarily using the Internet and the enemy knows it. We have them scared. They wouldn’t be engaging in overt censorship if they weren’t scared. And again, we are not limited to social media. Does anybody doubt that the “It’s OK To Be White” fliers got lots of newbies to notice the double standard and visceral hatred against them?

I include means of communication, not because we will be evicted from Twitter and Facebook, but for our own safety. The real problem is anything we say on social media could easily be used against us in a kangaroo court. Private messages on social media platforms could also be spied upon by company headquarters and revealed to the enemy, enabling antifa to ambush us at flash rallies, private meetups, etc. Shifting away from social media to a more secure form of communication also makes it harder for sophisticated doxxers to comb your post history for clues about your identity. Social media use should therefore be limited to outreach, never for internal discussion. It does not matter that much if your platform is not SJW converged because they will still have to comply with subpoenas in an anarcho-tyranny environment.

I included the alternative currency system because at some point we will need it to survive a collapsing US dollar. Even if SCOTUS were to rule tomorrow that credit card companies and payment gateways could not de-platform us for political purposes, we would still in due time be stuck with a falling US dollar, perhaps even a total collapse. We have the option to go with traditional or digital currency and we have the option to go with an existing currency or our own. A digital currency would certainly facilitate online transactions, but printed notes would have certain advantages as well. Another reason for an alternative currency is that it positions us as a serious secessionist movement—as sort of government in waiting. Just having a currency is a huge power-grab.

You may say that we won’t really need a currency until further down the road, but it would take time to establish anyway so we really should begin to move now rather than get caught with our pants down when the need arises. And, the need may well arise suddenly and sooner than we expect. There are certain legal considerations in the creation and distribution of a currency, but it is still legal to do so and it would certainly cause quite a stir. Is it smarter to spend money on advertising or is it smarter to do constructive things that we should be doing anyway that also get us free advertising to boot? Is it more effective to distribute tracts with logical arguments or is it more effective to flash attractive looking bills in the new national currency?

Hail Victory and Hail Dixie!