Crush the Urbanite: A Free Future

In my past articles, we have discussed who, what and the why of the urbanite. Many of our readers and supporters agree that the urbanite must indeed be crushed. After all, the urbanite system is anathema to Southern Nationalism, the South in general and, obviously, is the polar opposite of Agrarian Nationalism! How can we achieve any kind of nationalist society when we are subjected to the complete rule of people who benefit economically, socially and even in their minds, morally, from the absolute destruction of the concept of a homogeneous and traditional nation?

If one embraces the idea of our current and corrupted form of capitalism, then any sort of nationalism, be it ethno, ethno-regional, socio-economic, or merely even civic, is a complete ideological abomination. From this foundation, we must think of a future. What would this glorious future for ruralites and small towns and cities be like? Today, I explain my views for this Agrarian Nationalist futurism.

In my time advocating for this idealogical and social resistance to the urbanite masters, I have often been accused or mischaracterized as some anti-technology figure such as Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber and author of Industrial Society and Its Future. In it, he spoke of industrial society and technology being the cause for much of the world’s ills. In many ways I agree with him, but I have a different thought on technology. Technology is a tool to be used and I believe, overall, it is a net benefit for mankind, as opposed to being our downfall. That said, the Industrial Revolution and the forced urbanization it brought is, without a doubt in my mind, the downfall of humanity.

In my eyes, the Industrial Revolution was taking several steps back, before making a great leap forward. After all, some great advances require sacrifices. With the development of machines to create goods and the ease of production, came an immense need for masses of humanity to operate those machines. But today, we are technologically marching, at a quickening pace, towards production being completely automated. The urbanite mode of production is maintained today only for its political value, to maintain privileges for the over-class and as some bizarre version of the cargo cult.

The urbanite often believes that to maintain a technologically advanced society, we must maintain the constant importation of people to the cities – that our minds are without intelligence, without creativity, without culture, if we are not confined to the great Metropoli. I fully reject this flawed and disgusting premise. In the past, great minds did need to congregate physically to conduct research, to share ideas and, of course, physically work together. Today, however, we share our minds through the internet. Today surgeons can do surgeries from thousands of miles away from the patient. There will, of course, always be the need to congregate for knowledge, but the need is becoming lesser and lesser everyday. I believe that through our technological expertise we will one day be completely able to research and create new technologies from all over the world remotely, without an individual to leave from where they wish to reside. Rural Brain Drain will quickly end, as there will be little need for an intelligent and well-read ruralite to leave their home.

In the past, factories manned by thousands of workers was the only way of producing anything quickly and in large quantities. To produce any sort of item, be it silverware, be it guns, be it clothing, or be it automobiles, many of our ancestors made the sacrifice to work in harsh conditions. In the great cities, they did not only suffer harsh conditions within the factory, but even in their home lives – forced into awful tenement buildings where multiple families, large families, would share the same apartment. They were forced here by urban industrial lords who offered them room and board and took it out of their paychecks. In turn, this created a debt they could never pay back – a form of industrial slavery.

Today, technology has gone far beyond that, where mass mechanization has made it that the only workers required in most factories are skilled workers who perform some specialized task. In industries where technology has not advanced, or maybe more likely where the implementation of such technology would be unprofitable, the great lords of industry have passed the burden to Third World countries, where they maintain the same dream of the halcyon days of the Industrial Revolution. While technology has rendered many in industrial jobs unemployed. The urbanite sells out far more jobs for their own and hinders rural people with the scourge of globalism.

As technology steadily advances, I envision a world, without the guidance of the urban overlords, where industry will be more widespread. It will be smaller, more automated and requiring less workers. Many decades ago, small towns would likely have several factories. They were sold out due to the infinite desire for greater profits created by Globohomo. Technology has come so far now that recently 3D printers are becoming highly affordable and commonplace, a machine that can create anything made of plastics. Complex items still have to be assembled, yet this step shows clearly that we are marching towards the end of mass factories. One day, we will no longer need any form of mass industry to create most household objects, that we will do it from home. For larger products and for more complex products, especially made of other materials, decentralized factories spread across the nation will be the ideal. We will not require mass urbanization in the name of production.

Vladimir Lenin, damnable communist scum he was, once said that, “The Capitalist will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” I believe in something similar, but I do not target capitalism. Capitalism is but a tool, as is technology. Capitalism in the hands of the urbanites is the vile weapon that has created the insane living conditions of this Clown World. The Bolsheviks would scream and balk at my idea, as they were of a true urbanite ideology, with sole focus and glory upon the great cities (they destroyed the countryside). I believe that the urbanite will create the technology with which we will make them obsolete. The urbanite has created their own obsolescence and the desperate clinging to the methods and lifestyle of the defunct Industrial Revolution is but their final desperate attempt at remaining viable.

I envision this society where there will be no need for mass migrations or mass immigration in the name of diversity or in the name of JOBS! There will still be smaller cities where workers for larger or more complex industries will need to work together, but due to the advance of technology and, more importantly, the dethroning of the urbanite system, these cities will be more akin to what our far distant ancestors knew as a city – a town to trade in. The most important aspect of this ideal is that we will return to the smaller communities that is the ideal basic human condition and the basic unit for human life.

Degeneracy will be held in check through localization, instead of our current faceless and soulless machine. We will achieve a more wholesome lifestyle, in that we will be closer to nature and closer to our families. No longer will children abandon their parents due to economic issues, or use the idea of living in a backwards region to disavow them. No longer will friendships be nothing but transient relationships, but they will be bonds created for life. Good times will not be forgotten.

I dream of this society. I dream of a day where we can have all the privileges and luxuries of the modern day, but without the perversity. I know there is a way to achieve this. I dream of a day where all rural peoples will, in unison, yell, “Crush the Urbanite!

Will you come and dream with me?

-By The Nefarious Dr. Kriegzahn


  1. I confess to “Luddite” leanings and have more than an aesthetic appreciation for handmade goods. The ruralite revolution is each having the means of production, via technology, to create a “sustainable” culture. ( I really have come to hate that word “sustainable”, but it will have to do for now).

  2. I, too, have come to loathe the “S” word, as it’s been hijacked by the Leftists. I read it in every issue of Mother Earth News. And, yes, I am a subscriber. Have been, almost continually, since the early ’70’s. Back then, my dream was to find a mountaintop, sit back, and witness the end of Western civilization. Now, I’m more about having a place for my blood family, my extended Southron family, and like-minded folk, to gather and weather the coming storm.