The Neverending Butcher’s Bill

I’m not a libertarian, although I sympathize with a some of their talking points. For instance, it’s been Ron Paul’s contention that if Americans were each given a bill directly for the Iraq War, it would never have taken place.

This is an argument I find compelling because when it’s your wallet on the line, no matter of “Israel is our greatest ally” BS getting blasted at you by Fox News will do the trick. When people have to pay directly, they react. That’s what happens at the grocery store every day. Sadly, it might have to happen in the political arena as well.

Here’s a common scenario: You walk into your living room, and the TV is on. Nobody is in there watching it. All that had to happen was for a finger to tap a button. Ass could remain in seat the whole time. Less than a single calorie burned.

Yet, that’s not what transpired. Why? Well, because you paid for the TV and you’re getting the electric bill. To you, it’s money tossed needlessly down the drain. The feeling isn’t mutual. Do you seethe with righteous anger? Not really, because the person who failed to tap simply lack the financial incentive to give it any thought.

Maturity. That’s critically important for a man (not a Proud Boy). If I was juvenile about such things, I’d hand over a pick ax and shout: You get down in that mine! I want 90 pounds of coal on this doorstep by noon!!!

What libertarians occasionally do that’s helpful is using domestic analogies to describe the nation as a whole. That makes it easy for someone who’s not political to process what they’re saying. What’s irritatingly unhelpful is that they will go to whatever embarrassing lengths they deem necessary to not be called racist. The irony is that everyone I know who is or was libertarian signed up because they wanted to advocate for things considered racist by the mainstream without being called racist themselves.

When I watch Aunt Jemima wail on the evening news about how “Dey ain’t hadda kilt my boi! “, my attitude is: Yes, I agree since this was a senseless act undertaken by his racial compatriots. However, I also have a libertarian sentiment: Why must I pay for mayhem in which I did not participate and do not condone?

It will never stop. Ever.

Now, I’m also realistic. The only thing coming out of Aunt Jemima is tears. Likewise with her dearly beloved deceased. In life, he was a good boy who dindu nuffin. Death won’t change that a bit. Somebody else must pay the cops, the hospital, and the coroner. This is where Whitey comes in.

So here’s my libertarian proposal: Bad Whites, like myself, should be able to opt out of these outlays. It could be like a confidential “Do Not Call List” or something. Instead, a complete tally of expenditures should be made for each shooting. Then, the bill should be sent to an individual Good White. It’s their self-righteous virtue, so why should I pay for it?

Bearing the cost of their own goodness directly rather than dumping it on everyone collectively would go a long way towards curing these people of their moral preening and delusional thinking. There’s no amount of money that will ever get Blacks to start behaving like Whites. Our failing and deeply indebted country will arrive at a juncture where we’ll be unable to squander resources on them anymore.

The fact we’ve tried for so long has come at the expense of things like crucial infrastructure investments and allocating funds to provide for retirees. For instance, the WSJ has calculated that unfunded state and municipal pension liabilities alone, once allotted to each individual homeowner, exceeds the equity that many people have in their house.

We’re running out of the means to support our own people, let alone a hostile race who can never be anything but a net burden on us.


  1. Consider the economics:

    A shitlib gets to hoard all the benefit of his virtue signal while socializing the damage it does.

    Until we can fix that broken model we are just going to get more of the same.